So Far Donald Trump’s Conviction Hasn’t Hurt Him


I was discussing the new buzzwords recommended by Alex Soros with an ally. Alex wants everyone to refer to Donald Trump as the “convicted felon Donald Trump.” As expected, the media is doing exactly that. My friend made the point that the Founding Fathers were felons.

The media sounds ridiculous, but Joseph Goebbels said, “Repeat a lie often enough, and it becomes the truth.” It is one of the first rules of propaganda. When Brian Stelter said the media needs to become activists, he wasn’t kidding. That is what they are now, with few exceptions.

Watch the paid propagandists who think we’re all very stupid:

Democrats are using lawfare to defeat Donald Trump. Democrats didn’t want the weakest case to go first because they wanted to be assured of victory. As it turns out, they had no choice but to let the weak Manhattan case go first. They pulled out all the stops to win the case. The jury convicted Donald Trump of 34 felonies for a potential clerical error.

They are hoping this will knock Trump out of the race. They’ve tried everything else.

The trial and the conviction do not seem to have harmed Trump very much. The race will be very close, and a point or two matters.

Newsweek reports that an I&I/TIPP poll published Monday showed Trump and Biden tied at 41%, which is an improvement for Donald Trump.

The poll also revealed that Independents still heavily favored Trump over Biden, 38% to 26%.

A morning consult survey of 10,404 registered voters, conducted May 31 through June 2, found Trump ahead of Biden by one point, at 45% to 44%.

One expert consulted by Newsweek suggested that support for Trump could still melt away in time. He also faces sentencing in early July.

Benny Johnson had the same thought as my friend:

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