So, this is how those Obama & Biden rallies are going, more Trump supporters show up in PA than Biden


Joe Biden insulted Pennsylvanians who don’t support him, claiming he’ll even represent them, although they are “chumps.” He is truly an awful speaker.


There were more Trump supporters at the Biden rally than Biden supporters. They could be heard chanting as he screamed his speech to his handful of supporters sitting in cars.

Trump supporters go to Biden rally in Bucks, Pennsylvania.

Barack was also in Pennsylvania and Florida. He had the nerve, although not in so many words, to pretend Joe’s healthcare plan will let us keep our doctor.

In this next clip, he sounds annoyed. Not too many people came, and the horn honking was an annoyance to him, it seems.

Go back to your beach mansion before it goes underwater due to climate change, Barack.


Not a big hit, not at all:

By comparison, Trump is drawing huge crowds. Trump supporters are far more enthusiastic.



  1. Dog faced pony soldiers are a big effing deal the thing ya know.
    Shh…don’t tell the immaculate Hussein but the hopey changey audacity of hype is dumpster dive material now. Too bad so sad.

  2. Obama hasn`t come to grips that it was his failure that gave America our greatest president…Trump. Without the incompetent community organizer there would be no Trump.

    Biden did admit that he has secured from the Obama administration “the greatest voter fraud contingency” in electoral history.

  3. So, I looked up the definition of chump, as well as the synonyms. I won’t copy and paste the meanings here. They are very offensive, demeaning, and insulting words. Biden calling Trump supporters “chumps” is even more rude and mean than Hillary calling Trump supporters “deplorables.” It is incongruous, and unbelievable that Biden would work for “chumps”, i.e. Americans that don’t support him, if he were to somehow be elected. Frankly, I believe that he would not. Categorizing Trump supporters, over half of US citizens as “chumps,” tells me that Biden is actually just another “enemy of the people.”

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