Socialist Bernie looks nervous after he’s caught flying first class


Bernie used to ride coach like us commoners, but no longer. He is now a millionaire with three homes who spends exorbitantly on air travel. That makes him a socialist hypocrite as he travels the country ranting against the 1%. He is the 1%.

A passenger caught Bernie flying first class, and he does look nervous having his photo taken. The tweet has since gone viral.


Senators Sanders and Warren spent over $59,000 in carbon offsets in 2019  to counteract the carbon they used while campaigning.

The carbon they used was taking private jets. They spent a combined $2.4 million on private jets according to FEC records.

Sanders led the Democratic field in private airfare spending in 2019, dishing out $1.6 million to Apollo Jet. It’s a luxury private jet charter service.

Warren’s campaign, meanwhile, spent $871,000 on private jets through Advanced Aviation, FEC records show.

It is absurd that they are flying around in luxury jets with giant carbon footprints and say it’s okay because they are funneling money to carbon offsets.



  1. San Fran Nan probably misses the free ride on air force jets. The comrades don’t have to worry about embarrassment because the true believers are perfectly fine with double standards.
    Fun trivia-Did you know that the crew to man Greta’s unicorn wonder woman boat fly on jets to get to port.
    Yes we can…be clueless symbolism over substance virtue signaling poseurs.

  2. You report about Sander’s hypocrisy as if it were something new. What would be news is if he actually was found doing something that he wants to force on the rest of us like using the emergency room at the local hospital when he is having a heart attack.

  3. “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.”

    Adolf Hitler May 1, 1927

  4. What a surprise! NOT!. Ruling elites who want to put everyone under socialism, only want to make you poor, NOT THEM! Socialism has killed over 100,000,000 in the 20th century and wants to up that in the 21st, so go out and vote DEMOCRAT!

  5. Breaking-Das Radio just reported that James Carville has responded to comrade kommissar Sanders calling him a hack by saying…at least I’m not a communist.
    A house in disarray as Trump grows stronger. Be of good cheer.

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