Uh Oh! Socialist California’s Governor Brown Wants Crazy Vehicle Taxes


Gov. Brown motioning with his index finger to his brain.This is what the Socialist Democrats know: spending, regulation and taxation. The free market can’t work because of it. This is how California’s budget got to its $1.6 billion deficit and pension insolvency.

Governor Brown’s Secret Plan Will Be Very Controversial

Governor Brown has been secretive about his plan to raise money, for good reason. The taxpayers won’t like it.

He’s taxed so many areas dry and put such a heavy burden on the average taxpayer and businesses that there are few areas left to hit up. The one area he plans to burden now is one that draws majority condemnation. It has for decades.

Tax collection in the state increased by 50 percent in the last nine years, but Governor Brown announced revenue is down. He has come back to the watering hole.

Brown wants – needs – to keep spending on California’s roads, and believes a 42 percent increase in gasoline taxes and a 141 percent increase in vehicle registration fees is the way to go, Breitbart News reported.

It’s Been the Bane of Governors Before Him

Democrat Governor Gray Davis was recalled because of it. Such taxes  are highly unpopular and polls show that 63 percent of voters opposed any increase.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s popularity fell dramatically when he pushed through Proposition 1-A for the now-failed high-speed rail initiative.

Breitbart said: Gov. Brown’s willingness to try raising gasoline taxes by 17 cents a gallon, and on vehicle registration fees by $65, is a sign of the insolvency risk from the exploding cost of California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) public  pensions.

Additionally, Brown’s draft 2017-2018 budget has taxpayers funding pensions by $524 million more every year for the next four years That amounts to an 11 percent increase over this year’s $5.3 billion cost.

The governor’s deals rob from Peter to pay Paul.

The Water Hole Is Running Dry

Governor Brown is running out of options. The state’s personal tax rate of 13.3 percent is the nation’s highest and its corporate rate of 8.84 percent is the sixth highest.

According to a study by the Pacific Research Institute, the brutally high tax burden has been the cause California’s abnormally slow growth along with its net exporting of U.S. citizens and its shrinking labor force.

Socialism doesn’t accept facts, just ideology.

Wait until they get Governor Newsom, he’s worse.

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Joe Wiser
Joe Wiser
7 years ago

moonbeam can always just tax hollyweed. They have tons of money and not enough time to spend it.

Jan Williams
Jan Williams
7 years ago

As long as Governor Moonbeam does not get his money from the rest of the us, via the states through the Feds, I say let Cali fumble and fall.

7 years ago

Texas is growing rich from the companies relocating from Taxifornia !God bless America and the 82nd Airborne!!