Socialist Dingbat Alexandria O-Cortez Says Congress Has Too Many Men


Gaffe-prone, know-nothing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is on a campaign swing around red states with Bernie Sanders pushing Socialist/Communist candidates.

On Face the Nation, O-Cortez said Congress being “80 percent male” created “blind spots in our legislation.”

Host Margaret Brennan asked if she would say gender was not a factor in her defeat of powerful Democrat Joe Crowley.

O-Cortez then went into a barely-coherent and sexist response.

“Um, you know, I think that you know I think that in this moment, there’s a confluence of factors that makes this moment inspiring. Right now more women than ever are running for office and I do think that women want representation in Congress, absolutely. Congress right now is 80 percent male. And that creates blind spots in our legislation. It means we don’t have family leave, we don’t have paid maternal and parental leave. It means that we don’t get the equal pay that we want. So I think those issues certainly were important.”

Men can’t do the job as well as women? That is what the left wants us to believe.

She literally can’t give an answer without talking about all the “freebies” she wants to give all of us. And don’t worry about where the money will come from — she doesn’t.

How can these two economic dwarfs say the things they say? What they are offering is unaffordable. It’s also stealing from some people to give to others.

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4 years ago

This is another example that the networks broadcast propaganda. They have a serious presidential candidate socialist nut share the stage with a 28 year old know nothing socialist nut.

Think of all the decent guests this show could have on, yet CBS chooses these 2. The intention is to manipulate the public, not inform the public.

herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Media still is not reporting on Venezuela’s economic conditions, perhaps because socialism has so degenerated the economy. Nicholas Maduro, Chavez’s successor is now turning to a barter system. Mises Institute-“Venezuela Turns to Barter”

Frank S.
Frank S.
4 years ago

Dueling economic ignoramuses.

herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Both of their remarks is demagoguery and unadulterated dishonesty that can only appeal to the misinformed and ignorant. Alas, due to mass propaganda techniques and a dumbed-down populace, their message is being accepted.