Socialist Employees Use DOJ Data to Stalk Business Owners


Project Veritas released another video of workers at the Department of Justice — socialists as a matter of fact.

One of them is paralegal Allison Hrabar. You might remember that she is the one who recently harassed the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen. Hrabar and her group, the Democrat Socialists of America, chased the Secretary and her husband out of the Spanish restaurant.


A Hatch Act file was opened on Miss Hrabar for her behavior, particularly on Twitter, but there were no repercussions.

Allison Hrabar’s Twitter posts complaining about the U.S. deportation and detention policy aren’t political activity according to the Office of Special Counsel, therefore, they don’t break the federal Hatch Act.

OSC Hatch Act Unit chief Ana Galindo-Marrone said someone must go beyond policy, by actually backing the election or defeat of a candidate to be in violation of the rules.

“The tweets we reviewed from June 19 and 20, which Ms. Hrabar posted while at work, only stated her views on immigration policy. Therefore, we have concluded that Ms. Hrabar did not violate the Hatch Act, and we are closing this matter without further action,” Ms. Galindo-Marrone said in a letter to Ty Clevenger, a lawyer who had asked for a probe.

Just being a Democratic Socialist should be enough to fire these people, but they are also committing crimes. Their agenda is very extreme.


On the Project Veritas video, Hrabar said she uses government-owned software and computers to push her socialist agenda and stalk business owners.

Socialism cannot co-exist with the U.S. Constitution. These people are subversives and the DOJ needs to be cleaned out but it’s not going to happen with Jeff Sessions in charge.

Also featured on the Project Veritas video is Jessica Schubel. She was the former Chief of Staff for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services during the last Obama administration.

Both Schubel and Hrabar admit that federal employees are using their positions in the government to resist or slow the Trump administration’s policies. Some are breaking laws in the process.

Jessica Schubel now works as a senior policy analyst at the Washington-based Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Schubel described receiving advance information from an administration worker about a policy that would establish work requirements to receive Medicaid.

She compared the process to “the Nixon ‘deep throat’ type of thing.”

The DOJ promised to investigate, but they’re ineffective at best. Where are you Jeff Sessions?

Socialists are actively working within the Department of Justice to undermine our government and no one is doing a thing about it.


The DSA is very unhappy about the Project Veritas videos as you can imagine. The socialist Right-Wing Watch is also upset.

The statement of the DSA can be found on this link. Sadly. there is no uproar, not much of a reaction at all. The American spirit is dead to some.

Project Veritas attorney Benjamin Barr filed complaints with the Department of Justice and Department of Health and Human Services regarding the apparent violations uncovered by this video. Don’t expect anything to come of it.

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