Soleimani’s funeral organizer plans an $80 million bounty for Trump’s head


Iran threatened to attack the White House and they put an $80 million bounty on the President’s head.

The sacrifices the President has made for this country go unappreciated by the left, and if they could, the hard-left would probably add to the bounty. If they worked with him, he could do so much more.

The Iranian leadership also tore up the nuclear deal that they didn’t follow anyway. At least the pretense is over.

They called the President a “terrorist in a suit.”

Abolfazl Abutorabi

Iranian MP Abolfazl Abutorabi threatened to attack White House during an open session of parliament on Sunday.

“We can attack the White House itself, we can respond to them on the American soil,” Abutorabi said during an open session, according to the Iranian Labour News Agency.

Abutorabi added that “this is a declaration of war, which means if you hesitate you lose.”

“When someone declares war do you want to respond to the bullets with flowers? They will shoot you in the head,” he said.


An organizer for a funeral procession for General Qassem Soleimani — whoever he is — called on all Iranians to donate $1 each “in order to gather an $80million bounty on President Trump’s head.”

The organizer made the remarks during the procession in Mashad, and it sounds like he made a hit.

Iran’s Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, is calling for “Death to America,” as usual, adding that “it means down with Trump, Bolton, and Pompeo. It means death to the American rulers. It means death to the few people running that country; we have nothing against the American nation.”

Democrats are not blaming Iran or even criticizing the terror nation. They are 100% against the President killing the terrorist, even though he was in the midst of the ‘Big Attack.’ They needed to see dead diplomats and soldiers. If that did come about, they still would have blamed the President.

We sure hope the President has a plan to keep us out of war.


If you ever doubted this is a terror nation, just look at all the people who appear to have shown up for the terrorist’s funeral.

They are shooting off rockets near the Baghdad embassy. They don’t want peace, and Iraq is lost. We were protecting them, especially from ISIS. I wouldn’t mind getting out of the region after nearly two decades of no success.

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4 years ago

Americans have no really intelligent leaders. If the U.S. would leave the mid-east Arab countries alone the situation would take care of itself without American soldiers blood being lost. With the West not irritating the Arab world there would be no reason for them to target the U.S and they would self destruct over a period of a few years by fighting among themselves.

4 years ago
Reply to  Tom

Sorry to burst Your bubble, but the Arab world have Been fighting each other for Centuries, and ALL have grudges STILL today…they fight Each Other…but when it comes to America, we have idiots here in America who “Said Nothing when Obama gave them Billion+ in Iran to “Continue their agenda to bring Nuclear Weapons to the forefront so THEY could ‘Rule and Control ALL that area in the M.E.(as they have done w/Iraq) and This Terrorist Bastard, Soleimani, has BEEN instrumental in ALL these Killings of Not only Iranians who DARE speak out, but also Americans that are in the area to insure these people’s lives at LEAST have a chance for Freedom-especially
the Women, who are treated like DOGS, who are able to be beaten, maimed OR killed by just the word of the misogynist men in these countries. Did you Happen to notice on the news, the Iranians
who :Baked cakes and Celebrated PRESIDENT TRUMP for ‘ridding THEM of this Monster that is in their Military Ranks…..

Soleimani, was NOT a politician, as people claim-He was a TERRORIST GENERAL WHO carried OUT THE IATOLLA’S AGGRESSION AGAINST AMERICA AND IT’S PEOPLE. Don’t know What country you live in Tom, but THIS President PROTECTS America and it’s citizens. You DO know that the Embassy(like the one in Benghazi, that Obama and Hillary ignored and 4 Americans died) “WAS UNDER ATTACK, AND THE AMERICANS INSIDE WERE IN SAFE ROOMS THERE,

4 years ago

Reading all the different topics today, seems like the left, msm, have decided to make a final push to harass the President and conservatives. They all get the same memo on the plan. We aren’t going to war.. they want to get people worked up.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

This shows the divisions in our country, The left supports terrorist nations and right supports nationalism under Trump.