Some Media Get Vicious Over O’Reilly Appearing on Fox News


Media Matters, the Totalitarian outlet led by George Soros and David Brock, is viciously going after Sean Hannity Tuesday because Bill O’Reilly appeared on his radio show and will be on his TV show Tuesday evening at 9 pm.

The radio discussion was fiery [listen below]. They discussed the media assault over O’Reilly’s appearances. The left does not want O’Reilly back. Since his return on his podcast, O’Reilly has been blunt about what we are facing in this country.

Whether you like O’Reilly or not or think him a womanizer, he has the right to speak. Why is it that no one on the left minded Bill Clinton speaking?

In 1774, King Charles of England told everyone in America that if they said one thing against the Crown, they were going to prison, Bill told Hannity, adding, “That’s exactly what’s happening here.”


Articles from Media Matters Tuesday were vicious. One was titled, By bringing back Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity proves he’s a reckless loose cannon. They called Bill a ‘sexual predator’ among other vile accusations.

They have decided O’Reilly cannot come back to TV. The author complained, “Other networks have made a similarly odious decision to give space to the former Fox host”.

Another paragraph read: “Hannity’s unhinged behavior threatens to have a real impact on his bottom line. Advertisers have started dropping Hannity. Thanks in part to Media Matters’ Stop Hannity advertiser education effort, advertisers are learning that financially supporting his political chicanery and Trump’s political interests is bad for business. We’ve seen this story unfold in the past, with O’Reilly and Glenn Beck before him.”

They have another article listing Hannity’s sponsors and the ones who dropped him with the suggestion being Hannity should be boycotted.

The Washington Post headline read Tuesday: Fox News hits peak clown time: Hannity to interview O’Reilly.

The Daily Beast title: Why Is Fox News Rehabbing Bill O’Reilly With a ‘Hannity’ Interview?

The Daily News, recently bought for $1, wrote: Bill O’Reilly to make guest appearance on Sean Hannity’s show Tuesday after being fired from Fox News. They called him the “disgraced host” and rehashed the accusations against O’Reilly though they were mild compared to the rest of the mainstream media.

By tomorrow, they will likely blast them both.

It’s 1984 in the news media and Totalitarians are winning.

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