Someone Needs to Do a Deep Dive Into Vivek Ramaswamy’s History


Vivek Ramaswamy came from nowhere to end up on the GOP debate stage. That is concerning. He needs to be vetted thoroughly. According to Hirsh Singh, who is also running for president, Mr. Ramaswamy never registered as a Republican and has no record of supporting Republicans.

He also took a Young Global Leader Grant from the Soros Foundation well into adulthood to attend Yale. He had $2.1 million in the bank at the time and claimed he needed the money when questioned about it.

Independent reporter Jordan Schachtel has done some investigative reporting on Mr. Ramaswamy confirming the grant and his deep ties to Big Pharma and China.

Mr. Schachtel recently wrote a piece on substack about Vivek Ramaswamy pitching the U.S. and world governments on his efforts to install a broad, centralized database of private medical records.

“In a pursuit forged through one of his subsidiary companies, a “health information” data mining outfit called Datavant, Ramaswamy’s outfit pursued the establishment of a single national and global database for all covid-related patient health records,” Schachtel wrote on The Dossier.

Datavant claimed the records would be anonymous except to researchers and government officials as if that would be somehow reassuring.

The outfit profited off the hysteria and formed a partnership with NIH.

Everyone who was vaxxed would be in this registry.

Centralized databases in the hands of government officials and academics could lead to vaccine passports, restricted travel, and more.

In any case, Mr. Ramaswamy seems to pursue a lot of globalist goals and profits from them.

When Mr. Schachtel investigated Vivek, he found deep ties to Big Pharma. His fortune is tied to them.

As the reporter said, Mr. Ramaswamy deserves credit for his “voice against the ESG and DEI movements, the climate hoax, and the woke cult…”

However, we do need to vet him. He is tied to China and pushed vaccines. He seems to mean well, but after bashing GOP opponents for ties to big donors, why isn’t anyone questioning his business ties to China and Big Pharma?

“Ramaswamy has extensive business ties to Pfizer. Roivant, which was founded by Ramaswamy, has partnered with the taxpayer-looting pharma cartel boss on several occasions,” Schachtel writes.

Ramaswamy is estimated to have a net worth of an impressive $500 million, though it’s unclear how he accumulated these funds. That’s somewhat dated information and it could be more now.

He has been caught in a number of lies. For one, he seems to have lied about a quote by him in an Atlantic interview. The lying is concerning. We have so much of that already in politics.

Maybe he’s terrific, but we shouldn’t select him for anything until we know more about him and he has a political record of some sort. Am I wrong?


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