Soros-funded DA might charge officer criminally for subduing a rioter-medic


Portland just lost their riot squad after the conviction of one of their officers who was trying to control the violent Antifa. How many will they lose over this latest episode?

The Portland Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office, a Soros-funded DA, is considering criminal prosecution for Portland Police Bureau Officer Thomas Clark, believed to be the officer who tackled and punched volunteer medic Tyler Cox during an August 2020 protest, according to multiple sources.

Cox’s attorney Joe Piucci tells Willamette Weekly that the case has been under review by the district attorney’s office since December but that the DA has not made a decision whether to pursue charges.

The Portland officials think we’re all stupid.

See, the problem is that Antifa’s fake journalists, photographers, medics, and security, take part in the violence. That appears to be the case in this incident. Yes, she’s a nurse, but she’s still part of the riot.

Video from the Aug. 31:

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2 years ago

portland deserves itself.