Soros funded group asks if they have “to shoot Republicans”


A left-wing group, ironically named Free Press, funded by the Center for American Progress, George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, and The Tides Foundation, all communists whether they admit it or not, submitted a letter to the government that advocated for murdering Republicans.

Is this the likely next step?

The author of the letter David Lyons of Free Press said “Are we going to have to shoot Republican[s] to reclaim our democracy?” in a letter to the FCC.

Free Press is funded solely to “reshape the media” in the US. The letter asked the question,  “Are we going to have to shoot Republican[s] to reclaim our democracy?”

The letter called on the FCC to “investigate its own history of racism and examine how its policy choices and actions have harmed black people and other communities of color.” It was signed by nearly 5,000 of the group’s members.

David Lyons wrote a comment as all 5,000 members were allowed to do. He ranted that “racist horseshit like FOX and the other ultraconservative outlets and Christians” owned “most of our media.”

That sure isn’t true.

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr rejected the request due to the violent rhetoric.

“The only action the FCC should take on a request like this—one based on a comment asking whether Republicans should be shot—is to dismiss it with prejudice,” Carr told the Washington Free Beacon. “The FCC should not endorse this type of call for violence by opening an FCC proceeding on it.”

Free Press says it “deeply regrets that this incident occurred” and pledged to “take measures in the future to closely review public comments to ensure that this never happens again.” They withdrew the request but they probably still want to kill Republicans.

The CEO and co-founder of Free Press Jessica González is always demonizing political opponents. She’s vile.

She’s all in on the manufactured white supremacy issue.

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