Pelosi wants to raise the debt ceiling in the socialist reconciliation bill


After a meeting of the Democrat caucus, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) focused on the debt ceiling. She wants it raised to accommodate her socialist spending bill.

They might try to give Biden’s Treasury Secretary the power to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling.

Democrats are reluctant to do it because it doesn’t poll well.

The Speaker said the government will default if the ceiling isn’t raised.

Pelosi said, would wipe out “trillions in family wealth” for middle Americans. Pelosi also warned that “Just the discussion of … failing to raise the debt ceiling [under the Obama Administration] lowered our credit rating.”

She continued: “This is not about future spending, this is to pay the bills that were incurred. Only 3 percent of this is about Joe Biden’s presidency. The bulk of it is under the previous president’s administration.”

Giving the president the authority to raise the debt ceiling appears to be very unconstitutional.

She will try to include raising the debt ceiling with the socialist reconciliation bill. Schumer rejected it but she’s challenging him. He risks a government shutdown if he doesn’t go along with her. Pelosi will bully anyone.

Laughably, Pelosi calls raising the debt ceiling a “tradition.”

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