Speaker Johnson Gets 702 Passed Until 2026, Casts the Deciding Vote


As we reported earlier, Speaker Johnson helped pass warrantless FISA today. It’s passed until 2026, when, hopefully, Donald Trump will be in office. Until then, the spying will continue. It’s a kick-the-can down-the-road maneuver. Meanwhile, they can spy on candidate Trump again if they so choose.

In 2023, they spied without warrants 278,000 times.

The vote was actually 212 to 212, and Johnson broke the impasse by voting to approve 702 instead of following the Constitution.

We are still waiting for the J6 tapes Johnson promised, and he has okayed all the spending packages that are killing our economy.

Now, we must wait to see what he will do about the border, Ukraine, and Israel.

We never had 702 until Barack Obama so I don’t think we need it. There is a neat carve-out for Congress, but not the American people. Congress will be told if they are spied on, the peasants will not be told.

This is what the vilified MTG said:

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