Hamas Leader on His Three Martyred Sons


Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, safely ensconced in Qatar, thanked God for the honor of his three terrorist sons dying as martyrs. It’s a very different ethic than in the West, where life has more value. That is changing in the West also, where a large percentage of Americans want to abort babies up to the moment of birth or after.

In this case, people commenting were aghast, but Hamas supporters were angry that anyone would criticize Haniyeh.

He’s not happy but thinks this is an honor. It’s similar to the mentality of the suicide bombers.

Some comments by Hamas supporters:
Lmao the man is stronger than you people. Your men wear bondages in public. Talk about feminine.

Is he supposed to be screaming, crying, with anger and fear? You #zionists are pathetic.

He is not a coward. He has guts to fight for freedom.

We love life as free people, not enslaved, and we love our land more than what we refused to be displaced from The Palestinian is distinguished by his determination and love for his land.

This is what people are dealing with. They are misguided and egged on by bad actors like Iran. They fought for nothing, and nothing was achieved by their deaths other than they can’t kill anyone else any longer.

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