Special Counsel Jack Smith Goes After Donald Trump’s Tweets – Update


Update: Allegedly, he wants his private DMs. So, if he wrote there could be a Civil War in a DM, Smith will use it to imprison him?

Special counsel Jack Smith obtained search warrants for Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

Perhaps Smith will use tweets to convict Donald Trump. We are guessing it would be to prove election interference. Will they use them as evidence? Could Americans be imprisoned for social media posts? Just acting as the canary in the coal mine here.

Twitter didn’t respond fast enough, so the government fined them $350,000.

The account has been dormant since 2020 because Mr. Trump was banned. The warrant, signed by a DC federal judge in January, was unsealed on Wednesday.

Jack Smith

Twitter had appealed, challenging the judge’s decision to issue the warrant.

We don’t know what the special counsel is looking for, but we can imagine.

The prosecutors got permission not to tell Mr. Trump for months that they had obtained a warrant for his account. They feared Mr. Trump “would seriously jeopardize the ongoing investigation by allowing him an opportunity to destroy evidence, change patterns of behavior, or notify Confederates,” the paper said.

This is a joke. The DOJ leaks cherry-picked information regularly.

Politico was the first to reveal the information.

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