Spike protein in the vaccine is cytotoxic


Spike protein is very dangerous, it’s cytotoxic

Bret Weinstein is an evolutionary biologist, author, and co-host of the DarkHorse Podcast. Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of mRNA technology. Moderator Steve Kirsch is an entrepreneur.

They discuss the pandemic, treatments, COVID vaccines, and Steve Kirsch’s article, Should you get vaccinated? which looks at the potential danger of the mRNA vaccination.

The RNA is translated into a protein — a spike protein — the antibodies will grab onto it and COV is a target. The reason is not just to generate antibodies, however. It is also providing cellular toxicity. It cleaves off the cell and travels everywhere, giving varied symptoms in some like pain and mutism. Victims can’t tell their stories. The media ignores them.

This is never reported to the VAERS system due to groupthink that the vaccine is safe.

The protein peaks in pregnancy, and they have concerns about the young and pregnant women getting the vaccine.

The three experts are arguing for open dialogue to consider these adverse events.

If all this is accurate, the Facebook and Twitter CEOs should be arrested, along with media CEOS, Dr.s Fauci, Collins, Birx, and a number of Democrats.



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1 year ago

Jeez, if only there was something that was AERSOL that did the same exact thing. Oh wait.

You all are a bunch of fucking morons and are responsibly for more deaths than this vaccine will ever produce. It’s a game of risk — Covid isn’t going anywhere and everyone will get it.

But you know, you guys have a podcast and someone’s Aunt shared it over Facebook so it must be equal to the other 99% of actuary studies that are being done.

In closing, fuck y’all.

1 year ago

Cytotoxicity creates cell damage. Are we going to see major birth defects due to this Experiment Vaccine which was rushed to market? Will the vaccines cause brain rot and eventually create a zombie apocalypse? Just remember that it’s been Liberals who have bought into the Mask and vaccination Hoax. The other 50% of America is smarter than that. I have to ask the question, “Did the Liberals just kill themselves off?”

1 year ago

Just because you have a law degree, from Georgetown, doesn’t mean you can exhibit common sense.


Can the response be any more obvious. To insinuate that without a vaccine there will be another half millions deaths is in contradiction to all the Covid reporting sites. Cases and deaths were dramatically decreasing well before the first vaccine was administered to the general public. Will had similar sophomoric answers regarding lockdowns, masks, etc. He is good at hyperbole though.

1 year ago

I was unaware of their credentials. I had only hear Bret’s name before. The FDA has pulled from the market far less dangerous drugs. The last I saw there were over Nine THOUSAND deaths recorded in the system. Not only that, over Seven THOUSAND permanent disabilities.

Trump damn well better get ahead of this. If he does run and win the election you can damn well bet the entire media will cover the side effects as much as they did Covid during his previous term. Those of ‘us’ who read do understand the speed was accomplished by doing all the stages concurrently, which is what cut the time drastically. As the video points out; they didn’t expect the “shot” to travel all over the body and therein lies the deception.

It does sound quite similar to the previous mRNA attempts, causing cytokine storms. It was brought up at some point and I believe it was Fauci, who said they had overcome that problem. I can’t determine whether using PEG’s is what was used to supposedly prevent the issue, but many have had serious side-effects from those glycols. So, there’s no way in hell I’ll be getting vaxxed.

Zil Trabant
Zil Trabant
1 year ago

Groupthink is turning off the survival instinct and very bad for you.
I’ll pass on the huge lab experiment and won’t be the Petri dish for big Pharm comrades.
The Long Marched through risk averse equality of results for all population is why it is even possible to pull off the Big Steal and the controllers are looking forward to the culling of the bitter clinger useless eater deplorable kulak untermenschen scum.
Forward! Yes we can.