Stacey Abrams, A Communist Party USA Fave, Speaks for Dems Tuesday


The Democrat’s selection of Stacey Abrams to give their response to President Trump’s State of the Union is spot on.  She’s the perfect reflection of that party on three levels.  

  • Stacey received mostly fawning coverage by a media eager to promote another Dem candidate by virtue of his/her, ethnic/racial identity.  
  • Ms. Abrams was a horribly sore loser in the race to be Georgia’s governor.   More than a week after the election, she ended her campaign but said, “I will not concede…..”.
  • Stacey Abrams is part of a growing number of Democrats who have moved so far to the extreme radical Left, they’ve even found favor within the Communist Party USA.

In April of this past year, Abrams was cited in the CPUSA’s “Women in politics 2018” publication. “This year in Georgia, in the deep South, Stacey Abrams could become the first African American woman governor in the nation.” 

They continued, “As Communists, we should be organizing in these election districts not only for this election but to build a constituency for the long term with a bigger vision of socialism. We also should nurture and encourage our comrades to be part of this wave of progressive women candidates.” 

Note how the author directly links today’s progressivism to socialism and communism.  And, for good measure, we also have the use of the creepy old-school Soviet term, “comrades”.  

But it didn’t end there.  Last September the CPUSA published their “Election 2018: A guide to united action”.  They threw down the gauntlet.  “Building the Communist Party is inseparable from winning elections.  Our analysis provides the context for understanding the need for unity in order to move forward. Building the Party is an important part of our contribution to the elections.”  

Ms. Abrams got some solid love when the Communists included Georgia in the 8 states “We are involved in….that can flip Governors from Republican to Democrat.”  

But Stacey was not alone in getting favorable mention from the Bolsheviks living among us.  Here are three others who, since November, have made have made major headlines with their extremist policies and anti-Semitic comments.  We bet you’ll recognize the names of  Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar.   

So Stacey Abrams is indeed a pick that perfectly represents her party’s genuflection to it’s most rabid members.  It’s simply a case of a bunch of “red” apples falling ever closer to the Democrat tree.  

If you’re lucky enough to find a quiet moment away from today’s political chaos, you may be wondering about what appears to be a kind of whirring noise.  It’s the sound of Dem icons, and intrepid foes of Communism, “Give ’em Hell Harry Truman and JFK….spinning in their graves. 

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