Stephen Colbert Wants to Axe the Senate, Says It’s Anti-Undemocratic


Stephen Colbert, a far-left ‘comedian’, says the Senate should be axed if the filibuster can’t be eliminated. He sees no purpose for it to exist. Colbert claims he’s serious.

He thinks it’s undemocratic since Republicans currently only get one less vote which shows his incredible ignorance.

He probably is serious since the new Democrats just want to go scorched earth on anything that doesn’t do what they want.

Personally, I see no purpose for Colbert. He’s not funny, he’s boring, and a radical.

The Senate is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. The far-left Democrats do not have the mandate to do what they are trying to do and it’s their own Democrats holding back their revolutionary measures. He obviously is a fool who hasn’t a clue as to what democracy is. The man has a scarcity of viewers and just throws nonsense out for attention.


Here is some more stupidity. Democrats don’t have bad leaders according to a Democrat strategist, they have bad followers. Great strategy.

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1 year ago

Democrats are the Party of Tyranny, Slavery, and Mob Rule. Our Founding Fathers rejected Democracy because it doesn’t work. Democracy has always failed because it is Mob Rule and in a Democracy there is is no limits. There is nothing to control the Mob. The Constitutional Republic is a superbly crafted concept for Government. First, originally not everyone could vote; you had to be a Stakeholder in the Nation. Second, the Mob (The House) was moderated by the Senate. The House was elected by the people, i.e. the Mob. The Senate was elected by the State Government. This moderated the actions of the Mob to do pretty much only the things that Government could actually do. Remember, America was created as the United States and not a Central Control Government.

The fail of America started after the Civil War with the 14th, and 15th Amendments. These two Amendments allowed the takers in society to vote and have a say in government the same as in a Democracy. The Takers in Society has always been the reason that the Mob Rule of Democracy fails. Over time the Takers will always vote for Redistribution of Wealth. Early in the 20th Century Progressives began to see Wealth Redistribution as a Noble Goal. The means was the 16th Amendment which gave the Federal uncontrolled taxing authority. This was followed by the 17th Amendment which in essence destroyed States Rights. Then there was 18th Amendment, a morality law! The 19th Amendment which allowed Woman (Who are by and large are Takers in Society.) to vote. As a result the Government moved to Socialism in the 1930s; a huge redistribution of Wealth began to take place. The second wave was in the 1960’s with the Great Society Programs which create a Socialist Society in America and the Communist have been chipping away at Capitalism since. For 50 years the Producing Class has watched their production being confiscated by Government. We are now at the point that the Communist “think” they can take over. I suspect a Civil War will result into huge reset back to 18th Century American Values. There won’t be Slavery, but only Producers will have a say in Government! Government will be prohibited from any wealth redistribution and will be very limited in the amount of tax they can collect and how tax revenue can be spent. In Capitalism Government is a supplier of services and only the services that are problematic for the individual States like Armies, Navies, Border Protection, and Currency.

The next step of the Communist is to removal all the safeguards in the Constitution, i.e. The Bill of Rights. This will allow the Mob to dictate anything they want and we get Laws allowing Government total control of every aspect of our lives. The Aristocracy will only enforce the Laws advantageous to the Aristocracy as the Bureaucracies are doing now. EVERYTHING LIBERALS WANT TO DO WILL JUST MAKE LIFE IN AMERICA WORSE BECAUSE THEY WILL DO AWAY WITH ALL LAW & ORDER AND REPLACE IT WITH TOTAL TYRANNY!

Francis W. Porretto
1 year ago

Colbert isn’t just arrogant; he’s uneducated. The Senate is anti-democratic BY DESIGN. Its function is to impede the passage of legislation that’s propelled by the passions of the moment, and to assert the prerogatives of the states when the federal government might otherwise run roughshod over them.

Colbert isn’t funny either, but you already knew that.

1 year ago

Same thing with the electoral college, only good when it helps democrats.
I’d rather watch the garden show than Colbert or if there is a lawn grass or paint drying program.

1 year ago

I went to high school with the moron & believe me he was not well liked. I had his mom in a couple of classes & she was a fine teacher.