Warren Claims GOP Bars Black & Brown People, College Kids from Voting


Sen. Warren hasn’t abandoned her penchant for lying and did so during an interview on CBS Morning with friendly hosts who gave her a puff interview. No matter how crazy or dishonest her statements, she is never challenged.

During the interview, she stated that “voting is foundational. That is the whole premise of our democracy. “ Warren told the host that before they get to procedural issues, she wanted him to keep the following in mind:

“State legislatures all around the country, that are controlled by Republicans, are doing everything they can to keep people from voting. Who are they trying to keep from voting? Black people, brown people, college students…”

When she says Black and Brown, does she mean illegal aliens? Just asking.

Who are these people who can’t vote? No one ever says. Since voter registration is the highest it’s ever been in five presidential elections, how is this possible? Tell us who these people are and let’s get them a ride to the polls.

It’s an easily disproven lie. She has to know it’s a lie, yet she said it for political gain. Laws currently being passed are only to protect everyone’s vote and the overwhelming majority of voters, no matter the race, want exactly that.

The voting laws she supports destroy the very foundational voting she claims to protect.

The fake Indian will say and do anything for political gain. She is as phony as her Native-American heritage.


The voting rights measures — HR1-S1, The Freedom to Vote Act, and The John Lewis Voting Rights Act — guarantee Democrats stay in office ad infinitum.

The reason these measures are debated today is that Democrats gutted a NASA Housing bill that already passed and put their voting wish list in it. Since it was already voted on, it went right to debate in the Senate and will not require 60 votes, only 50 plus Kamala. So far, Senators Sinema and Manchin appear to be opposed.

Watch This and the Next Clip Which Explains Some of What Is in the Democrats’ bills:

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