Stephen Miller Calls Out Trump’s Communist Prosecutors


Stephen Miller, on the Laura Ingraham Show, called out the communist prosecutors in the Trump fraud trial. He didn’t hesitate to describe what we are dealing with.

Laura explained that “it’s a very dark day” for the Constitution. They wanted this constitutional crisis, and they will have it.

The prosecutors finally devised three crimes, including tax evasion and fraud, but they wouldn’t allow a tax expert to testify on Trump’s behalf.

They also suggested a campaign finance violation but didn’t specifically list it because there was no such crime.  The judge wouldn’t allow a campaign finance expert to testify for the defense.

The deck is stacked. The prosecutors and the judge are on a mission to take Donald Trump out, and they don’t care about anything else, including the law.

One stunning comment from Joe Biden is that he will make a statement when the verdict comes down. Biden wouldn’t have made a statement like that if he hadn’t been certain that Donald Trump would have been found guilty. It goes to intent – intent to influence the election. He will campaign off it.



Former US Attorney Brett Tolman told Rob Schmitt this evening that he has never seen a judge make some of the decisions he has made. Initially, Judge Merchan ignored Rule 403, preventing prejudicial courtroom information. The judge interfered in who the defense could call as witnesses and shut down the defense during cross-examinations.

He believes the jury instructions are unconstitutional, and the lack of a predicate means the judge should have directed a verdict.


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