Spokane Residents Sob Over Vandalism of LGBTQIA+ Crosswalk


The people in Spokane are in tears over a PRIDE-painted crosswalk that was set on fire. Before that, people spray-painted over it. Residents responsible for the crosswalk are upset and call it a hate crime.

I suggest it is not hate driving this. People don’t want a left-wing ideology forced on them.

The LGBTQIA+ ideology is a far-left ideology. The leftist activists have included gay people with people who have all sorts of mental issues and don’t know what gender they are.

Vandalism is wrong, but I doubt this is hate or a hate crime. To cry over it makes them look foolish. I’m sorry they’re so upset, but we have millions of unvetted people pouring over our borders, an economy that’s seriously damaged, and the threat of World War 3, so wake up, Spokane.

If they didn’t politicize it, people probably wouldn’t react. They’ve tied it to fake white supremacy, which is nothing more than anti-white hate. That is the real danger.

Children’s rainbows represent a sex ideology, and we can’t use words like gay as they were meant. An entire month is dedicated to it, and the parades are often obscene. Then, there are the LGBTQIA events taking place all year. There is something every month. It’s becoming all-encompassing.

There is now a manhunt underway for the arsonist.

Spokane Local News

The Spokane Police Department (SPD) is still searching for an arson suspect who defaced the downtown Pride mural on May 16.

According to the department, there may be a witness with important information on the defacement, which drew the condemnation of city leaders and a successful campaign to fund the repainting of the mural head of Pride Month.

“There may be potential witnesses to this incident who were in the immediate area when the arson fire was started. Spokane Police investigators are asking the public to contact them if you were in the area of Howard and Spokane Falls Boulevard and observed the fire or any activity immediately before or after the fire was started,” the department said.

Residents collected $15,000 to restore it. They call it art, and when someone vandalizes art, the Spokane Arts and Spokane Pride come together. The Spokane Episcopal Diocese matched the funds.

Wouldn’t seeing a US flag painted on a crosswalk be nice?

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