Strange! Sen. Warner shows us how to make a tuna melt with a can of tuna


Mark Warner needs to get out more. He created this strange video of how to make a tuna melt with a can of tuna. The senator from Virginia was doing this somewhat tongue-in-cheek we hope.

He appears to be showing us how to wash our hands because he thinks we are all stupid.

Instead of his ending with the comment, “We will get through this America, we will get through this Virginia,” he should be saying, This is our plan to re-open the government.

[P.S. Way too much mayo and he should drain the tuna.]


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Peter Rabbit
Peter Rabbit
3 years ago

My older brother taught me how to make a good tuna salad as a youngster.
Not too much mayo and you add a bit of relish to make it just right.
A sprinkle of parmesan cheese will set it off but I add that to everything.
Comrade kommissar Mark Warner?
He says Russia will be back in 2020 and you didn’t need to add the CPUSA (D) to his name.
The browser is on lockdown and pics don’t even show up.
CPUSA tube (youtube) is gone to the dark side now and the wizards of smart there will rue the day that they started punishing their bread and butter video posters.

3 years ago

I love your recipe senator wagner. looks delicious……yummy. ill make some by sunday, maybe when my supply runs out and Illgo out and buy the ingredients. thanks for the recipe.