Dem Rep Vernon Jones is back! He will take on Georgia’s far-left Dems


Democratic Representative Vernon Jones, the state lawmaker, left “the plantation,” as he put it, announcing he would step down from his position after his colleagues denounced him for his endorsement of President Donald J. Trump. Well, he’s back!


Jones likes the way President Trump is handling the virus, criminal justice, funding for black colleges, among other things. He also voted for George W. Bush.

Rep. Jones called President Trump a “transformative figure.”

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, responded by thanking Jones for “demonstrating the courage of your convictions.”

His colleagues called him a disgrace.

He was pilloried by his fellow Democrats, so he left, saying, “I have left the plantation.” He’s an independent thinker and that is not allowed.

Well, he’s back.

“Yesterday, I announced my intentions to resign from my office,” Rep. Vernon Jones, D-Lithonia, tweeted on Thursday.

“But shortly thereafter, the outpour[sic] of support I received was too great for me to ignore. I will not allow the Democrats to bully me into submission. I will not let them win. I will NOT resign.”


The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, a far-left publication, has a very nasty piece about Rep. Jones suggesting he’s corrupt and desperate as his future in the Democratic Party is non-existent. The author, Bill Torpy, said the party just views him as a “pain in the keister.” No doubt that statement is true.

The author subtly mocks the right-wing for complimenting Jones although you will see no such comments in the AJC when the left-wing glorifies the vengeful Mitt Romney.

Regardless, the former DeKalb CEO is not stepping down and says he received an outpouring of support so he’s back as Georgia’s rep from DeKalb-Rockdale.

In a tweet on Thursday, Jones accused Democrats of acting like “the bigots they claim to hate.”

“The way the Democrat Party has treated me this past week has made one thing clear: they are the bigots they claim to hate and I won’t be silent about it,” he said.

In an accompanying video, Jones said: “I will continue to let the Democratic Party know that the bigotry within this party is hurting African-Americans — and more and more African-Americans are thinking independently.”

Whatever his motives, we can’t say, but so far, we really like Mr. Jones’ courage and independence. We will take him at face value for now.


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