Studio blocks Trump aide since he’s on a list


Jason Miller, a Trump campaign adviser, on Monday said that he was barred from entering a Washington, D.C.-based studio for an interview with Fox Business’s Charles Payne, as he has been put on a “list.”

“Wow – the anti-Trump censorship/deplatforming is out of control,” he wrote on Twitter. “Just went to the LiveShots studio in DC to join @cvpayne on @FoxBusiness, and the LiveShots employees told me I’m not allowed to use their studios because ‘I’m on a list.’”

Miller said that when he asked what sort of list he’s on, and why the studio accepted the booking in the first place, he was told by Liveshots D.C. employees that the list was for “health reasons.”

There’s more, read the tweets.

They are definitely going full McCarthy here.

AOC has called for lists and so has Forbes, and other Democrats.

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A List of Middle Fingers
A List of Middle Fingers
1 year ago

A house divided will not stand. Plan accordingly.
The burn it all down brigades have succeeded beyond their wildest imaginations and they will deliver the prize known as North America to the CCP in short order.
Prepare to defend life and limb. Do not hesitate to destroy those who wish to destroy you.