Study at Princeton shows ‘mostly peaceful protests’ except for those 570 violent ones


The Princeton study we wrote about yesterday claimed the Black Lives Matter ‘protests’ were ‘mostly peaceful’ but they also referenced 570 violent demonstrations, aka riots, in almost 220 locations throughout the country.

The Princeton data set shows that nearly every major city in the United States experienced riots from late May to the end of August.

The only exceptions within the top 50 cities by population were Fresno, California, and Mesa, Arizona.



    • Heck it must be so…the Main sewer Stream fake Media says it IS !!! Looks a helluva lot like an “insurrection in progress” and as has been the case for over forty years the corrupt MSM are reporting what they are TOLD TO report…e.g. Cannon Hinnant is NOT on the “report” list…

  1. Thinking about BLM and Antifa rioters I believe it is time for the authorities to begin kicking butt and that includes all of these mouthy women who think they will be left alone. Clock those women up alongside the head and then just leave them laying there in the road and when some male with balls comes to her rescue, clock him, too! Almost all Antifa are pussies.

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