Stunning Report on J6 with Video That Kills the Narrative on the Five Deaths


“Capitol Offense: The Ugly Truth Around the Five Deaths from January 6th and 7th. Welcome to Tianamerica,” the report read. “This will leave you sick to your stomach”.

A citizen journalist did an amazing report after a long investigation on what really happened on January 6th. It’s stunning and everyone should read it on Taylor Hansen’s substack.

For one thing, it delves into the five deaths on that day in a remarkable way. He includes new videos.

The first man who died was Benjamin Phillips. He died after he was hit by a concussion grenade that stopped his heart. There are several videos to show the grenades being improperly thrown at the crowd.

Death #2 was Kevin Greeson who also fell victim to a barrage of grenades thrown by the gold medal-winning Capitol police.

Death #3 Roseanne Boyland was likely beaten unconscious and hadn’t taken drugs for seven years, an accomplishment that she was very proud of.

Death #4, Ashli Babbit argued with police shortly before her death because they would do nothing about the rioter who was out of control. Ashli was actively trying to de-escalate the situation, plead with the police to get reinforcements, and had no intention of being violent or destructive.

Death #5 Officer Brian Sicknick – his death was distorted by the media to present a political narrative.

The spray did not play a role in Officer Sicknick’s death. The Coroners report stated there was no physical injury to Sicknick’s body internally or externally. There was no collapsed skull, no gash on his head, no bruising or abrasions, and no evidence that any chemicals such as chemical irritants, played a role in his death.

Now, why would they lie?

Chief Medical Examiner Roger A. Mitchell has a problem, and his name is Dr. Lee Schwamm, a stroke expert at Harvard.

See Dr. Schwamm’s statements here:

The spray is extremely unlikely to have caused Officer Sicknick’s strokes. The most likely explanation, was a terrible coincidence of timing when blood clots that occurred for other reasons arose when he was in a terrifying situation.

From what Schwamm says, the first stroke took place during the “terrifying situation”. The other evidence referenced was from the Medical Examiners office, as they provided a timeline leading up to Sicknicks death. A statement says that Sicknick collapses 7 hours and 40 minutes after he was sprayed. Then he died nearly 24 hours after that.

The investigation revealed several witnesses from the events surrounding Sicknick.

  • Rod Taylor, wrote in a statement, that he personally took Officer Sicknick to Police in an attempt to get him help because he felt like Sicknick was suffering from a stroke. The interaction between Taylor and Sicknick happened at around 3:00 PM. Remember, Officer Sicknick collapses around 10:00 PM.
  • At approximately 7:30 PM, Chris Alberts, a trained medic, begs police to get Officer Sicknick treatment, as he recognized Sicknick’s condition as being very dire. The Police would not allow Alberts to render medical aid to the distressed officer and told him to mind his own business.

There is more, and there is a lot of evidence, including videos and interviews.




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Sweet Home Zimbabwe
Sweet Home Zimbabwe
2 years ago

Now that the fourth estate is a fifth column (h/t-Savage) citizens will have to be the new journalists and everything in the Potemkin stain Chiquitastan is a lie and a fraud 100% of the time.
In a variation on the great Colonel Cooper, all groups are always infiltrated and large groups of driven mad by Marxist materialism manboons should be avoided whenever possible.
Let the CPUSA comrades clutch pearls and cry about being a poor widdle victim as they build walls around their shrinking power.