Ukrainian President Zelensky Indirectly Slams Biden!


Yesterday, we reported about the bizarre and dangerous conversation Joe Biden is said to have had with President Zelensky of Ukraine. He told him — allegedly — that an invasion was “imminent,” Kyiv was about to be “sacked,” and he should “prepare for impact.” Zelensky had to tell him to calm down and remind him there were hopeful talks underway in Paris. [Three videos below]

A CNN reporter, Natasha Bertrand, who was privy to the conversation, published the details and took it down hours later. The White House denied it happened that way but has yet to release the transcript. Bertrand has since released a cleansed version of the call without explanation that we know of, at least.

If all of this is true, Biden is stupidly escalating the situation and backing Russia up against a wall.

Now, today, Zelensky indirectly slammed Biden for the call. He said it is important for Biden to hear the details from him, not others. Zelensky said he knows the details best as President. However, his office is denying the call.

We must have the transcript. No more games. Let’s not forget that Democrats tried to impeach Trump over a harmless phone call. This call, if true as Bertrand originally stated, is not harmless and it shows the potential madness now possessing Joe Biden and his addled brain.


It’s the Ukrainian people who will be slaughtered and for the US to be this involved in such a deleterious way is wrong. The USA needs to shut up.


Watching the same idiots who destroyed Afghanistan and left Americans behind discuss a possible war with Russia is alarming.

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1 year ago

What a frickin disgrace. Uncle Lloyd and Silly Milley clown show again at the Pentagash press briefing. OMG! These IDIOTS left AMERICANS BEHIND ENEMY LINES! They deemed that CHARLEY FOXTROT as a SUCCESS! Can you believe? And they ARE STILL HERE! I could have deployed the DALLAS COWBOYS Cheerleaders and more effectively have accomplished the job. But now I know how these 2 clowns got to where they are. Ass kissing, boot licking, getting the Boss coffee and other such politically correct BS that is not relevant. GOD help us all.

Stay the Course
Stay the Course
1 year ago

Breaking-Enemedia says Jo Jo intends to send troops.
Now they are asking a reporter on the spot in Ukraine where it is snowing lightly in the background.
He had no answer about where the troops will be sent.

A crash of a stealth fighter, a bridge collapsing, high costs due to a shrinking dollar flood the past 24 monts, what a whirlwind of disaster is this Brandon.
Bwhaha! CCP had their enemedia comrade say that they have no interest in the fighter…because they already copied it.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

And cheer I will for the downfall of the failed former USA now know as Chiquitastan.

This situation in Ukraine was a resounding defeat for the USA. The ally that supposedly needs us does not want us.

I see no wall Putin is against. Ukraine will not allow US aggression there, nor anymore deep state NWO globalist US troops.

Chiquitastan will be moving on seamlessly to the next con job against Americans.

Where is the UN action against the horrible Russian invaders?

The imminence is recursive, every day brings a new one.

John Lenin and the Dung Beetles
John Lenin and the Dung Beetles
1 year ago

Comrade Zelensky should have said…Let’s Go Brandon!
Popcorn is still in stock for the world conquering tour of WOKE MIL. (LMFAO!)
Zero love for Chiquitastan and the cheering will be legendary as it goes to the trash heap of history where it belongs.