Summary of the Maricopa County audit so far


The Arizona forensic audit of Maricopa County continued Saturday at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in downtown Phoenix.

Democrats have sued to stop it despite claiming they believe we had a perfect and secure election. They had to abandon the idea of a lawsuit due to a lack of funds.

The audit is on and is being live-streamed in 9 different angles from the arena floor at

Inventor and data analyst Jovan Hutton Pulitzer has a process and patents to identify fraudulent ballots. He looks at the paper used, creases, ink, and other aspects.

On Saturday, election workers scanned ballots individually in ultra-violet light to forensically test them.

In December, Jovan Hutton Pulitzer gave a presentation explaining that a light source can show if a ballot is real or a fraud.

Also, if the absentee ballot does not include an obvious crease it is clearly a fraudulent ballot. Simple, but obvious.




  1. Why were pallets of millions of ballots trucked from NYC to Pennsylvania? Printed in china, all voting for senile pedo Joe, and shipped to PA to run through the voting machines?

    • I do hope that when the audit is concluded, that there is a judicial system that will recognize it. It has become too obvious that so much of our judicial sytems have become compromised. Even the SCotUS is tied into the marxist/democrat cabal. Therein lies the ‘rub’.

      • Dulles may have been the last Director at CIA that wasn’t compromised. Two years after leaving office he told the world that the CIA owns everyone in the media worth owning. That was 1974. All the lies the media has been disseminating since originated at the CIA.

        Someone blackmailed the Director, and then they blackmailed everyone, using our own intelligence institutions.

        We won’t beat them.

      • Sadly the left has found a way to stop the audit. The sitting judge just recused himself from the next challenge, meaning they will find a radical judge to side with them.

        You knew this was too good to be true.

  2. It’s a little to early to make any observation. It’s going to take 3 weeks to count the ballots. I live one block from the counting. I don’t like it when people accuse my state of having a fraudulent election. I have faith in the honesty of my fellow citizens. I voted for Trump both times. People don’t understand how much hate that Trump garnered. That’s why he lost. If he runs again, he will lose again.

    • Hopefully, this will resolve the questions or some of them one way or the other. Even with the Trump hate, how do Republicans or anyone vote for a man who is obviously senile and who will be told what to do and say and sign by socialists and communists? No amount of hate could get me to do that.

    • Your faith is very misplaced, The election was stolen in AZ along with the 5 other states. You may not like it but that’s what happened. The citizens may be somewhat honest but the government definitely in not!

  3. To stuff a ballot box requires some slight-of-hand that must be performed swiftly, at the last minute. Make it much more difficult to execute the slight-of-hand on short notice, the more obvious the fraudulent effort.

    I wonder if our clever forensics experts can design methods which will make it manifestly evident when widespread fraud is present; such as, the check for a fold in an absentee ballot.

    We really don’t want to create a means for tying an individual voter to an individual ballot.

    Nevertheless, we ought to be able to tie each ballot to a ballot-BOX. And, to the provenance as to the chain-of-custody.

    When an in-person voter is handed a ballot that ballot should be stamped with the identity of the election judges who checked the voter’s signature, voter ID, etc. And, the box that ballot is destined to be deposited in. Then, after the election, we can tie-out the ballots to the box and the election judges and their voter records. Any ballot box stuffing could then be tied-down to those handling this box and its voters.

    For a “drop-box” we can record the box and the signatures of the judges that sealed the box and those who broke the seals. Envelopes going in get stamped with the box’s identity; ballots removed from those envelopes get stamped with the box’s identity. Likewise the judges who check the signatures on the envelopes from that box.

    The check for a fold is a good idea. I wonder if the technology is such that it can sense a lack of randomness in the folds. An individual voter will not fold the ballot at precisely the same point as other ballots. A folding machine will manifest consistency in the fold point.

    If this is a difficulty, perhaps a method could be mandated to ensure randomness. To illustrate. Suppose the size of the paper and envelope were such that one couldn’t fold in 1/2 or 1/3 or 1/4 page lengths. The voter could be instructed to roll the ballot into a tube about 2″ in diameter; then flatten the tube and insert it into the ballot. That will ensure random folds that are not reproducible by machine. (There is probably a better idea still.)

    For in-person voting there is an opportunity to resolve a signature mis-match. Not so for mail-in ballots. It’s difficult to reverse the pressures favoring mail-in ballots. So, it’s important to secure the signature matching process.

    We are probably able to use AI analysis of signature images to ascertain a match at a plausible level of confidence. Legislatures can set a standard; say 91.23% confidence that the signatures match. AI software can’t infer the political preferences of signatures; so, a systematic solution would be unbiased. If a ballot-envelope’s signature doesn’t match the voter-roll’s signature then the ballot get’s excluded. No subjective over-rides by biased judges who know which ballot-boxes have been targeted with fraud.

    The excluded ballots then get subjected to analysis. Is there evidence of bias? Suppose nearly all the votes excluded are for Pink-Party candidates; very few for Purple-Party candidates. Any other patterns? That would be evidence of unsuccessful attempts at fraud; perhaps on massive scale.

    Let’s suppose, for illustration, that Pink-Party candidates are all of some ethnic group. Perhaps, Asian voters who are accustomed to writing in character sets and scrips very different from Latin-based language groups. Very well, this will become evident from the analysis of the excluded ballots. The AI algorithms can be adjusted to compensate. However, were this to be the case then analysts should discover that Chinese vs. Japanese (etc.) exhibit distinctive discrepancy patterns. What if they were to discover that both “Chinese” and “Japanese” voters’ signature mismatches bear a greater resemblance to Cyrillic language writers. We might reach a different conclusion.

    Paper ballots, both in-person and mailed, should be printed on paper with a distinctive water-mark. Different water-marks for ballots to be used at the polls, another for mail-in ballots. A genuine water-mark (not a pseudo-water-mark) can only be applied to paper at the paper-mill. It would be prohibitively expensive for fraudsters to have ballots printed with genuine water-marks corresponding to each state’s designs. Only the Secretary of State and the paper-mill would know the design well in advance of the election. Distribution of paper stock to ballot printers could be controlled meticulously. Each polling place and mail-voter balloting center would have to account for it’s allocated stock. Ballots used and blank ballots left-over.

    Measures, such as the foregoing, would weigh little on the voters, neither in-person nor mail-in. Opposition to such measures would come from interests invested in fraud.

  4. ….and when i demand the arrest, trials and execution for biden, pelosi, harris, schumer, waters, cuomos, clintons, obamas and and and peoppe actually wonder why…..heheh

  5. It will make zero difference. The fix is in and the complacent, fair minded people that have believed our government is a’citadel’ have actually surrendered there lives and soul without a whimper. First and second amendment mean nothing now. There is no mass momentum to exercise those rights in a coordinated manner to make a difference.

  6. They(commies) have had custody of and over five months to replace the fraudulent ballots they used for the coup with good fraudulent ballots. I believe if this audit was done sometime in November the fraud would have been staggering. Short of asking each voter if they actually made the votes on the ballots being audited, finding those hastily made fake ballots now, I believe, is wishful thinking. Didn’t the head of elections in Maricopa co. Have a huge evidence burn, I mean barn fire about a month ago?

  7. I have never believed that Senile Joe and the Ho were elected fair and square it did not happen.Trump was elected and screwed out of it by the dem/communists.I do not think we will ever have another election if they get by with screwing us out of this last election this was a planned deal from the start.This administration is a fraud and everything Biteme has done is a fraud .the Dem/communists are all frauds the whole damned government is a fraud.

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