Threatening probe launched of ME who disagreed with prosecution at Chauvin trial


Maryland is launching an investigation into 17 years of in-custody death reports by the medical examiner who testified that Derek Chauvin did not kill George Floyd, the Daily Mail reports.

The medical examiner gave his considered opinion and backed it up. There is no proof George Floyd was asphyxiated. There is also no cause to re-examine all his cases because he didn’t stick the party narrative.

Consider it a threat to anyone who dares to disagree with the Left.

Former head medical director Dr. David Fowler’s testimony that Derek Chauvin did not kill George Floyd allegedly raised suspicion in the medical world.

During the four-week trial, Fowler testified that the primary cause of Floyd’s death was a sudden heart rhythm disturbance during police restraint due to underlying heart disease, contradicting several experts who said Floyd had died due to a lack of oxygen.

He also said that Floyd’s drug use and exposure to carbon monoxide from the police car contributed to his death.

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh said Friday his office is in talks with Gov Larry Hogan to review all in-custody death reports during Fowler’s 17-year tenure. He got 431 doctors around the country who know nothing of the case to sign on to this.

The letter said Fowler’s testimony and conclusions were outside the bounds of accepted forensic practice and all of his previous work should be questioned, The Baltimore Sun reported.

Perhaps they are correct but it is very suspicious. Anything that disagrees with the Left is outside their accepted forensic practice.

Fowler told The Baltimore Sun that he was not aware of any review but defended his office’s work.

The review would call into question the validity of all of Fowler’s in-custody death reports from 2002 to 2019.

Included in the time period to be reviewed is the death of Tyrone West, in 2012 and Anton Black, 19, who died in police custody in Greensboro in 2018.

Are they looking for more police victims or the truth? There is no statute of limitations on murder.

That’s not to say the death of George Floyd wasn’t terrible and Chauvin isn’t guilty, but this doctor is also an expert who simply had a different opinion. That’s not allowed.

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2 years ago

Only Communist Liberal Democrat Propaganda matters, the truth be damned.

2 years ago

Great observation from Canada!

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
2 years ago

Democrats and other anti white haters must destroy the entire career and reputation of that medical expert, if they don t , then Derek Chauvin s lawyers could appeal and win.

Democrats are the same as the mafia, except they don t use guns ( well… usually don t ) instead they use the main stream media and a few other corrupt people such as FBI agents to participate in the destruction of people democrats don t like.

If they can convince the gullible masses that you are a very bad person then it is easy for them to do anything else to you.

They do the opposite with evil people that are useful to them such as Antifa and BLM ; those people get their bail paid by democrats or they get released magically and are not charged.

I don t know how long it will take for people to open their eyes, but the democrat party is a criminal organization more than a political party, they rig elections, they pay to have fake dossier fabricated about rivals, they have new impeachments every few months, they have bribed judges refusing to even look at evidence of voting fraud and this is only a microscopic part of the long list of criminal activity democrats are into.

Joe Biden s son was paid many millions by a oil and gas company while he was a crack addict, but they are democrats so they are above the law

Hillary destroyed evidence AFTER the FBI subppaened the evidence, that is illegal, they let her go because she is a democrat

but republicans get the book trhown at them if they steal a pack of gum

democrats rule the USA like AL CApone ruled Chicago, except rarely with guns and murders ( Seth Rich being an exception ), they do it in new modern ways that are just as efficient, if not more.