Super Bowl 55 gets the lowest ratings since 2007


The Super Bowl ratings are in and they have the worst overall ratings in almost 15 years.

CNBC reported the Super Bowl LV attracted 96.4 million viewers for ViacomCBS on Sunday, the company announced Tuesday, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs, 31-9.

It’s the lowest watched Super Bowl since 2007, when the Indianapolis Colts played the Chicago Bears, another CBS broadcast. That game attracted 93.1 million viewers, according to Octagon’s media division data provided to CNBC.

Research firm Nielsen said in a statement to Deadline the metrics would include out of home (OOH) numbers. Those numbers represent TVs in places like bars and restaurants and augment viewership data for the NFL.

CBS did tout growth in internet streaming of the Super Bowl. The company said the stream averaged 5.7 million viewers per minute.

The TV ratings for the Superbowl were 91.6 million and the streamers were 5.7 million. And the total of those numbers, 96.4 million, include the OOH numbers described above.

In 2020, the TV viewers hit 100.45 million compared to 91.63 million this year. In 2019, the viewership was 98.1 million, and in 2018, it was 103.39 million.

Football is the most popular American sport but these are the lowest ratings since 2007. Obviously, COV has a lot to do with it, and so does the politicization of the game. The Hollywood takeover of halftime is not great wither.

In addtion, the game wasn’t competitive. It’s not that the winning team was the best, but rather, it was because they weren’t making mistakes.


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