Sweden Gunshot Wounds Doubled Since Opening the Doors to Syrian Refugees


People with gunshot wounds accounted for a record high proportion of patients who came in for emergency care at the Trauma Centre at the Karolinska in Solna last year. There are also more people with more severe wounds with intent to kill.

The gunshot wounds doubled since 2014.

Gangs are responsible and migrant youth gangs in particular are becoming more of a problem.

There is also the problem of grenade attacks. Sweden is the rape and grenade capital of Europe.

In the Scandinavian countries, it is illegal for women to carry mace or pepper spray to ward off the rapefugees. In Denmark, a 17-year old will be prosecuted for warding off a rapefugee with pepper spray. They’ve made it illegal for women to defend themselves.

Batons and stun guns are also illegal.

This is during a rape epidemic.

Swedish police have blamed migrant sex attacks on “Nordic alcohol culture” and European women’s “non-traditional gender roles”.

Some women in Sweden wear armbands that say: “please don’t rape me”. They are under the impression that if they believe evil doesn’t exist, it won’t.

In Sweden, the government is controlled by feminists.

In Marxist ideology, whites don’t get on to the oppression index but Muslims are at the top. Combine that with a feminist government that does not keep women safe, and you have Marxist feminism.

Something to think about: In the United States, the FBI counts Hispanics and Arabs as white when reporting crime statistics. It’s only white and black, only it’s not.

For example, this man on the FBI Most Wanted List is reported to be white: 



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