Sweden Today! Firebombing, Hundreds Shouting “Shoot the Jews”, Women Warned to Stay Inside


A synagogue was the site of a frightening firebombing. Hundreds marched in the streets demanding death to the Jews. Women can’t go outside. This isn’t Iraq, it’s Sweden.

A group of around 20 masked men – migrant men – hurled firebombs at a Gothenburg synagogue Saturday night, hours after an anti-Israel march in Sweden’s second largest city.

Chairman of the local Jewish Assembly Allan Stutzinsky reported that around 30 young people were attending a party at the synagogue during the attack, and fled to the basement for safety until police arrived.

The youth were very frightened by all reports.

In the last 24 hours, about 200 Palestinians marched in Malmö calling for Intifada and “shoot the Jews”. Migrants burned the Israeli flag in Stockholm.

Peter Sweden also reports that after several attacks in the city of Örebro, the Swedish police are now warning women to NOT go outside alone. When even the Swedish police force is now advising women to not go outside alone, you know things are bad.

Hundreds marched in the streets with Palestine and Turkish flags.

Having been to Sweden, I find this turn of events heartbreaking.

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