Sweden Will Now Hear Violent Refugees as They Are Blowing Things Up, as Women Scream


For the first time in Sweden’s history, the police will now monitor the suburbs of Stockholm with the aid of sound detectors. The microphones should, among other things, identify a woman’s screams as the attack is ongoing, and automatically alert the police, writing SvD.

The Swedish police will now be able to hear shootings, explosions, screams and glass crashes. The devices are needed to surveil the immigrant Järva area.

They can keep letting these unvetted immigrants into the country and listen as they blow things up, shoot people and assault women.

The police will be able to get to the scene of the crime quickly, but of course if the shootings, explosions and screams are what they hear, it’s probably too late.

“I know that the New York police have long been using microphones successfully. But this is the first time a police authority in Sweden gets permission what I know, “says Joakim Söderström, Head of Camera Surveillance, SvD.

They won’t be allowed to save the recordings or record conversations between people.

They also have surveillance cameras in immigrant areas – where the crimes occur.



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