Swedish Company Makes Uterus-Shaped Crunchy Cereal


A Swedish company called Intimina developed a new cereal called Period Crunch to normalize periods. The crunchy bits are shaped like a uterus.

Their website – thisiscow.com – states: We create things that get you talked about. It’s as simple as that. We come up with award-winning ideas. We re-shape brands. We build stuff that people want to experience. We produce content that people want to spend time with.

photo credit Intimina

The raspberry-flavored cereal resembles the entire female reproductive system.

What other internal organs could be next? Maybe a cereal isn’t the best idea?

Previous research has shown stigma around the time in the month can cause boys to mock girls at school, while nearly half of women say they have been ‘period-shamed’.

This cereal company wants to end that and make discussing periods normal by having you eat uterus-shaped crunchy cereal.

It can’t be bought in supermarkets – you can buy it by emailing: periodcrunch@thisiscow.com

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