Taliban hangs ‘traitor’ left behind from a US helicopter -Correction


Update: New reports from the BBC indicate the man was harnessed, not hung, and he is merely changing flags on flagpoles.

The nice terrorists that Joe Biden used to protect us and act as screeners for people getting onto US planes hung a person he left behind and flew him dangling by the neck from a US helicopter we left behind.

They are apparently hanging ‘traitors’. They probably got the lists from the US Embassy. They left hard drives behind with the information (including biometric data) of the US citizens and people who helped us. Or it could be from the lists of names and other information they gave to their new friends.

It looks like the Biden administration did lie about the helicopters not being operational and the Taliban not being able to fly them.

The only people who should be dangling from those helicopters are Biden and whoever pulls his strings.

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