Taliban must be racist, they are painting over St. George Floyd memorial


Taliban are painting over murals decorating much of Kabul, one of which was a mural of George Floyd. That brought about a lot of shock and near-despair on social media.

George Floyd was a violent American criminal who died unfortunately after a police officer held his neck down with a knee. There was no evidence Mr. Floyd died of strangulation, but he had enough fentanyl and other drugs in him to kill a horse. Antifa, BLM, and Democrats raised him to sainthood to make a statement about the police they hate. They elevated Mr. Floyd as they beat people and burned down buildings. That takes us to Afghanistan.

The murals were created by an Afghan group called Artlords. They decorated Kabul with some the worst of USA images promoting social justice. They now have Taliban slogans painted on them.

Artlords has an American base in Virginia, United States.

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Global Warming Skeptic
Global Warming Skeptic
2 years ago

I’m sorry but I think it’s pretty funny. By the way, what is a George Floyd mural doing in Afghanistan? The whole world has been duped. Where’s the blm when you need them?

2 years ago

After this I’m sure “white-rage” Milley will be demanding a New Invasion of Afghanistan and bring back some semblance of “civilization” to that country. Austin, on the other hand, will be shaking like Fauci just thinking about it.