Taxpayer-Funded Texas State U Wants Social Justice Warrior Math Profs


Texas State University is looking for two Math education professors and their ideal candidates will have a provable and longstanding commitment to Social Justice, Campus Reform reported.

According to the job postings on Inside Higher Ed, the two new professors must not only share TSU’s commitment to “education equity” and “social justice,” but should preferably also have a demonstrated record of engagement or academic research on the issue.

“[Professors] from historically underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply.”

The openings are for both tenured or tenure-track positions at the “ranks of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor,” with different levels of social-justice expertise preferred at each level.

Among the preferred qualifications for the Assistant Professor rank is a “demonstrated knowledge and engagement” with issues including “social justice, equity, access, and multilingual learning,” while the Associate and Full Professor ranks prefer “evidence of research and practices” on such topics.

“We are especially interested in applicants whose scholarly interests and work include attention to the concerns of race, ethnicity, multilingualism, immigrant, social class, gender, and diversity, broadly defined,” the advertisement notes, adding that professors “from historically underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply.”

The professors have a role in recruiting new teachers, presumably social justice Marxist like themselves.

Screenshots of the application are included below.


The job application specifies that TSU is a “Hispanic Serving Institution.” They obviously want to mold the largest growing segment of our society into Marxists by inculcating the “idealistic” concepts of social justice, equity and distributive justice into all subjects, even math.

Teach for America, a glorious-sounding name, has put forth courses claiming mathematics are been used to dehumanize and oppress people. Social justice warriors see everything through the prism of that which separates us, especially, but not limited to race and to include intellect, wealth, and so on.

All must be made fair. For that to happen, individualism must give way to the collective. Everyone gets a trophy!

Social justice, which calls for the economic equality of all members of society, must end in distributive justice. It leads to a leech-host relationship between producers and non-producers because all property and money belong to everyone if social justice is to be achieved. The individual is only a drone in the collective hive.

Equity is a natural outgrowth of this ideology.

Equality assures the same opportunity no matter a person’s station in life whereas equity means all must be the same in the end. This has led to considerations of disparate impact infiltrating our legal system, our schools, our media and entertainment, even our armed forces and law enforcement. We aren’t to choose the best applicants, we are to choose according to race, gender, class, even religion according to some artificially constructed statistical chart to avoid so-called discrimination.

Communism, socialism and Marxism are all grounded in equity, not equality. It’s not about talent, commitment, skill, intelligence, hard work, it’s about social engineering by statists who envision a supposed classless, stateless utopia down the road, although, in the end, as history as shown us, it must lead to the opposite. Tyrants remain in charge and there is real oppression for all.


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