Teens Arrested in Britain in Connection with Terror in a Texas Synagogue


Malik Faisal Akram is the British Islamist who held four American Jews hostage for nearly 11 hours in Congregation Beth Israel synagogue. Biden’s FBI claims it wasn’t aimed at the Jewish community and only Akram was involved. Akram wanted the release of Lady Al Qaeda, a terrorist serving 86 years in prison.

The FBI is a joke.

Akram came from Britain only days ago. We now learn that Manchester Police arrested two teens in connection with this terror attack in Colleyville Texas. It could mean nothing. So far, they are just questioning the teens.

His family wants to know how he got into the country and got a gun since he is a criminal, the Daily Mail reports.

By the way, you won’t find this on the front page of The NY Times or most US newspapers. It’s being memory-holed as Biden and Harris hint the perp could have been one of the barely existing white supremacists.

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