Details on How Dems Will Save Democracy with ‘Voting Rights’


Democrat leadership demands ‘democracy’ in elections, but what they are promoting will make the US look a lot like Russia. Does anyone really believe that no voter ID is a great idea to make elections more democratic? How about having mercenaries collect ballots and throw them in Zuckerboxes or online voting to give every hacker a chance to vote?

You want to know why Democrats want no voter ID? It’s not because Black people can’t get photo IDs. I know, shocking. It’s because illegal aliens might have a problem and Democrats want them voting NOW! Illegal aliens are needy, indebted to Democrats, often uneducated, and many are criminals, communists, and terrorists. They are clearly Democrat voters.


Ballot harvesting and mail in balloting makes it so easy to manipulate ballots and those are in their voting rights’ bills. Then there is the S1 rule that mandates vote trafficking in all states to allow paid campaign operatives, staffers and candidates to go to voter’s homes to pick up their ballots. If they pressure them or discard their ballots, no one will be held accountable.

The voting ‘rights’ restrictions that Democrats want prevent even a one-time voter from being removed from voter rolls for fifty years, even if they never vote again.

The John Lewis Act gives unelected career bureaucrats at the Justice Department the power to veto almost all changes by states to laws, as well as redistricting made by legislators and even voters.

The Dem bills tun over the elections to the DC swamp and allow unelected pencil pushers to control them. States lose their sovereignty in elections. That means if they don’t retain this authority, there is no constitution. The Democrat Civil Rights Division would control all this. These mandates would destroy every safety protocol states have put in place.

The Democrat laws also turn the Federal Elections Commission into a partisan enforcement agency that will control political speech.

“They want to make it easy to cheat in elections,” says Hans Von Spakovsky.

We have the highest voter registration in the last five presidential elections, yet Dems want to automatically register anyone who ends up in a government agency. Automatic voter registration will lead to illegal aliens voting and duplicate voter registration. There is even an immunity provision so NO ILLEGAL ALIEN can be prosecuted for registering to vote.

There is no way to stop illegal aliens from voting if they vote in municipal unless they have separate lists but they don’t and won’t. New York City wants their million illegal aliens voting in presidential elections.


And, in case you missed it, Democrats stripped a NASA housing bill that already passed, and filled it up with these voting ‘rights.’ Now it will go right to debate in the Senate.


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