Terrorist Rasmea Odeh Receives a Standing Ovation, Will Be Honored by a Communist


Rasmeiah (Rasmea) Yousef Odeh looking like the Dark Lord.

Convicted terrorist Rasmeiah Yousef Odeh received a standing ovation at a Chicago conference as she bade farewell to the U.S. prior to her upcoming deportation.

Nasty as always, she blasted “Zionists” and President Trump in a fiery speech before a pro-Palestinian crowd in Chicago.

“We need you to continue resisting Trump’s agenda and to continue challenging the Zionists and to continue providing your solidarity and support to the Palestinian and Arab national movement,” said Odeh, a featured speaker at the leftist Jewish Voice for Peace conference at the Hyatt Regency.

Wiping tears from her cheeks, Odeh compared her situation to the “nakba” (the Arabic word for “catastrophe”) in which hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled during the founding of Israel.

“I was an infant during the nakba, but I hear many stories of pain and bitterness from my family who were forced along with 750,000 other Palestinians to leave their homes, lands, lives and memories. They had been there for generations,” said Odeh, whose remarks were streamed on Facebook live at the Jewish Voice for Peace page.

“Now I face a similar unjust nakba, forced to leave the country and the life that I built for myself over 23 years in the U.S.,” she said. “The relationships, the memories and all the people I know and love, especially the women of Chicago’s Arab communities, but I will continue my struggle for justice.”

She has made herself into the victim! The left makes her into a victim as well. The Village Voice calls groups protesting her or Shariah “haters”.

There is another event on August 12 honoring her. Communist Angela Davis will be featured. They refer to her as a Palestinian icon in the invitation.

She is a vile troublemaker who has led communist women’s marches, funded by many far-left groups that received as much as $246 million from George Soros.

Odeh was responsible for a deadly terrorist bombing in 1969, in which two young men, students, died. There is no doubt she was guilty.

She entered the U.S. twenty years ago and became a citizen by lying on her application. That is why she is finally being deported – because she lied – after years of failed efforts thanks to her slimy legal team.

As an example of what the Obama administration supports, you should know that she was hired and paid with tax dollars to work as an Obamacare navigator. She is one of the far-left’s favorites – an icon.

Listen to one of Odeh’s terrorist pals talk about her role in the bombing.

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