Thanksgiving message: Palm reader Joe will pretend-cure COVID


Joe Biden blathered his dreary Thanksgiving message with a moment of senility stepping in. Can’t wait to hear his Christmas Day message.

The devout Catholic Joe Biden — who will support abortion for any reason to the moment of birth, and make us pay for it — knows his Palms. But does he know his Psalms? You may think this is a cheap shot, but he is the presidential poser and he has to go up against the likes of Xi and Putin. So, pardon us, if we point out the signs of senility.

My guess? The teleprompter misspelled it. He reads whatever is on that teleprompter because he doesn’t know what he’s saying.


He also gave us his bleak Thanksgiving message and promised to pretend to cure COVID.

Joe Biden urged Americans not to see each other and vowed to find sick people and separate them from their families.

After saying that families should only engage in limited get-togethers, just as he will be doing [in his basement?], Biden stated that “We still have months of this battle ahead of us.”

“More testing. We’ll find people with cases and get them away from one another, slowing the number of infections. More protective gear for businesses and our schools,” Biden said.

“The federal government has vast powers to combat the virus, and I commit to you I will use all of those powers to lead a national coordinated response,” he added.

Here is his dreary message:

This follows his dark NBC interview message that if [unelected bureaucratic] scientists tell him everyone will have to wear masks and lockdown again, he’ll do it.



  1. Eat shit CCP rat fifth columnist. Not my preezy of the steezy and never will beezy.
    Imagine that a super duper vaccine and loveable ol’ Gropey Joe will cure the Covid-1984 (China).
    A society this bat shit stupid deserves to be Zimbabwe.

      • Ordo Ab Chao but what if the chaos genie has a mind and will of its own just like revolutions?
        Preezy is a moldy oldy but it made me laugh so hard. Thanks to comrade Jimmy Fallon.
        I knew we had gone full Zimbabwe with that display of boot licking ballwashery.

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