The Anti-American Network That You Didn’t Know About


An X citizen investigator who calls herself “Bad Kitty Unleashed” found one way that NGOs and the government work together on social media and offline. The investigation so far is solid and alarming. Don’t try to remember each name until you get the gestalt.

As always, do your own homework. Knowledge is the best weapon.

A State Department GEC (Global Engagement Center) called AMITT (Adversarial Misinformation and Influence Tactics and Techniques) partners with an organization called DROG, an information security-based framework for responding to disinformation. AMITT eventually upgraded to a DISARM framework.

It was used to spread COVID-19 disinformation with Chris Krebs (CTI League). It also led the investigator, Kitty, to Sara J. Terp.

The main players in the early days are David Perlman, Pablo Breuer, Sara J Terp, Thaddeus Grugq, and Randy Waltzman.

Naturally, there is a Blue Team!

The Blue Team, under this framework, counters rallies and protests, doxes (name and shame), cut off banking access, infiltrates groups, and more.

New partners of DISARM are The Global Engagement Center, Microsoft, the UK Cabinet Office, Nederlands, Ministerie Van Binnenlandse Zaken, and the European Commission.

They’re all out to shut down US freedoms.

The DISARM Foundation: The Disinfo Framework was used long before the foundation was created. DISARM was previously called AMITT and was first used for the CTI league COVID-19 disinfo program. It was first trialed by the EU and picked up by the US.

The EU is no longer free. They’re collectivists.

There is a Reality Team – of course, there is!

Getting back to CTI, we must address The Reality Team,  part of the DHS CISA, which partnered with the CTI League. They artificially pumped out stuff on social media to bury “disinfo.” CTI League suggested hijacking hashtags and challenging social media users, etc. CTI League uses the DISARM Disinfo framework that was first used for COVID-19 “disinfo.”

The Reality Team states: “We have focused campaigns on combating election and vaccine disinformation and are now embarking on an effort to combat climate disinformation.”

Reality Team Partners: CTI League, Hacks/hackers, Credibility coalition, CogSec collaborative, USC Annenberg, and The Propwatch Project.


Terp said she was out of the shadows now.

Sara Terp builds the AMITT Disinfo Framework with help from Renee Diresta of New Knowledge and Stanford, plus others. The Misinfosec Working Group (“misinfosecWG”) is part of the Credibility Coalition (CredCo). Sara Terp used this to incubate the AMITT disinfo framework.

They claim they are working to save democracy.  They say the Brexit campaign and the Trump presidency represent the most prominent active attacks.


Another of the operatives is David Perlman, who was very upset with the 2016 election. He started disinformation work at his Counter psyops consortium (CoPsycon), which later became CogsecTech.

In Feb. 2016, David Perlman worked at Google. But later worked at Twitter from July 2017 to June 2019. Now he’s at Stanford and running a carbon credit program, plus more.

Since 2017, David has worked with several US and NATO defense agencies on understanding and combating information warfare, particularly the role of social networks in influence campaigns.

[What they are doing is turning the intel tactics used to protect us against foreign enemies against us.]

The Players Are Deep-Pocketed Leftists

The CIA and Open Society Foundations are big players.

Kitty goes through the members of AMITT /DISARM and what they are up to on her X thread with links.

The most recent House Judiciary Committee report disclosed Meta worked with federal agencies to take down thousands of Americans. She was one of the thousands of Americans. Capitalism, the site Sentinel posted on, was another.

There are many more players, and you might recognize some of them. Go to her thread and read through, if only to get an idea of the enormity of this effort to shut down any opposition and free speech.

Bad Kitty played a Credence Clearwater song on this link, and it’s very appropriate.

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1 month ago

Kitty should watch her everything..’they’ aren’t playing. Good work, Maura.

1 month ago

Their efforts will bear fruit on a grander scale than most people can even begin to imagine today. By the end of the decade, the whole world will be in lockstep with the agenda.
Those who aren’t will become like the Armeninans in Turkey, The Uyghers in China, Christians in Africa, and the White people in S. Africa as well as the straight white males in the USA.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago
Reply to  AmpJam

Things will get ugly indeed, the tyrants are gaining power,
and the more of them are in power the more they hire people who agree with them,
who in turn hire people who agree with the tyrants

they may lose a few battles here and there but for each one they lose they win five or ten elsewhere

I would not be surprised if in 10 years if you try to buy a used gasoline car, they will block your bank account until you buy an EV or Hybrid.

They’ll use the ( fake) climate emergency to justify that type of tyrannical totalitarian bullsh*t.

but they will do much more than that, they will use other fake emergencies,
( lab created ) virus( spread by the government ) ,
( non existent ) white supremacists epidemic, et cetera…
anything they want,
and since the media bend over backwards to help them brainwash people into believing those things,
it will be easier for the tyrants than ordering a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

The future is ugly and uglier everyday

not a pessimist, no, a realist is what I am.

About 20 years ago I said one day they will hire less qualified pilots based on the color of their skin, their sexual orientation or just because they are female…as long as they are not white males, they don t need to be all that good to get the job

I was called crazy, some laughed at me, some said it would never EVER be that bad.

yet here we are

How do you think Claudine Gay got to be President of Harvard?

How do you think Fani Willis got to be given enough power to persecute and ex President of the USA?

The military makes ads about welcoming lesbian ballet dancers and men in dresses.

the CIA makes ads about hiring people with mental problems

Airlines care more about diversity and hiring people with mental problems or disabilities than about making sure their airplanes don t crash due to incompetence

The bar is lowered for less qualified people while the tyrants gain more and more power so they can be more tyrannical

at the bottom and at the top there is a serious rot

and we – the normal harmless sane people – are trapped in the middle of it all accused of being the bad guys, hated by our leaders, disparaged by our media.

Something will give, don t know what, don t know where, don t know who, don t know when, but something is gonna give.

How long can the best civilization this planet has seen last when people so insane they seem to have escaped a mental asylum are in charge ?

Obama's boyfriend
Obama's boyfriend
1 month ago

Didn’t this program used to be called Pravda?