The Big Lie! Biological Man Crowned Miss Netherlands


As a further degradation of women, The Netherlands has chosen a biological man as Miss Netherlands. It’s unfortunate that the clowns of the Left don’t want to virtue signal womanhood.

Latestly writes:

Rikkie Valerie Kollé, a model of Moluccan and Dutch descent, has become the first-ever transgender to be crowned Miss Netherlands. Rikkie wants to be a voice and role model for the Queen community. About coming out as transgender, Rikkie said, “I know better than anyone what it’s like to feel alone and not be surrounded by only positive thoughts.”

Kolle will compete with the female finalists for the title of Miss Universe in El Salvador.

Pageant Circle reports:

Saturday, July 8 at the AFAS Theater in Leusden.

The 22-year-old Dutch-Moluccan model and actress living in Breda succeeds Ona Moody and will now prepare to represent the Netherlands at the 72nd Miss Universe (Miss Universe 2023) in El Salvador.

Nathalie Mogbelzada, 26, from Amsterdam, was named first runner-up while Habiba Mostafa and Lou Dirchs were awarded Miss Congeniality and Miss Social Media, respectively.

Reigning Miss Universe R’Bonney Gabriel of the USA graced the glittering event as a special guest.

The new Miss Universe Netherlands made history as she became the first-ever transgender woman to win the national title.

It doesn’t matter if Kolle’s the best looking or not. What matters is Kolle’s a biological man. More importantly, why are so few people complaining, especially women? This is insane, and that’s the point.

Talk about patriarchal oppression, isn’t this the epitome? Men are taking over spaces reserved for women. Kolle stole a spot from a woman.

Why did these actual women agree to compete with a biological man? They’re okay with this? Women won’t even stand up for women.

The only reason Kolle won is because he’s a man claiming to be a woman. As Eva Vlaardingerbroek said, it’s a “post-Truth world” and it’s “predictable and unoriginal at this point.”

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