Indigenous Chief Wants His Land Back from Ben& Jerry’s


According to Newsweek, Don Stevens is the Chief of an Indigenous tribe descended from the Native American nation that originally controlled the land in Vermont where Ben & Jerry’s headquarters is located. He wants his land back from Ben and Jerry.

Chief Don Stevens

The Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company publicly called for all “stolen” lands to be returned. In other words, they want the entire United States returned to Indian tribes and people south of the border who say they are indigenous. That notice on the company’s website provided the impetus for the chief of the Nulhegan Band of The Coosuk Abenaki Nation to say they are always interested in “reclaiming the stewardship of our lands.”

The Nulhegans are one of four tribes who descended from the Abenakis.

Ben&Jerry’s ice cream company, run by two America-hating communists, was asked when it would give up its Burlington, Vermont, headquarters after they posted a rant on July 4th saying America was built on stolen land.

They didn’t respond, but the Chief did.

The ice cream company sits on a vast swathe of U.S. territory that was under the auspices of the Abenaki people before colonization.

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the owners of Ben&Jerry’s, also want Mt. Rushmore returned, the police defunded, and Israel eviscerated.

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are gaslighting, virtue-signaling hypocritical communists.

A number of prominent people called for a boycott, including John Rich. It seems to be working with the parent company Unilever taking a sudden nose dive on the stock market.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem slammed Ben & Jerry’s over the ice cream company’s July Fourth campaign that also called for the return of Mount Rushmore to Indigenous populations. From there, the heads of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt would be blown up. It would symbolize the end of the United States.

Noem dismissed the campaign on Fox News Thursday and said she would not “listen to a bunch of liberal Vermont businessmen who think they know everything about this country and haven’t studied our history.”

In 2021, Ben & Jerry’s and Unilever were embroiled in a political controversy after the Vermont-based ice cream chain announced it would no longer sell its products in Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Currently, Unilever is also in trouble for continuing to sell its products in Russia, which has stoked the ire of Ukraine.

Ben and Jerry want to obliterate law enforcement and we can see how that has worked in Democrat cities.  They even released an anti-cop flavor with Black Lives Matter Rep. Cori Bush. The flavor is called, “Change Is Brewing.” When you go to their site to buy their ice cream, it takes you to a “Join the Movement for Black Lives and support the People’s Response Act!”

Customers then sign up for emails and alerts. They are idiots with a lot of money and an overpriced, tasty ice cream with a lot of flavors cleverly named.

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Peter Prange
Peter Prange
4 months ago

Typical wokes telling everyone else what to do. Think they will GIVE the land to the indigenous Americans?
After all their statements they should GIVE it, then maybe if the recipients are generous maybe they would rent their building back to them.

John Vieira
John Vieira
4 months ago

Never bought it…now never will…even if on sale…Obviously to most by now, money and ‘learning’ is NO measure of intelligence…