The Curious Case of Hackers, Q-Snatch & the Election of 2020


We can’t confirm the following but it should be looked into. It sounds like a conspiracy theory.

Stinchfield at Newsmax insists officials are lying about storing U.S. votes in Germany. He also discusses Q-Snatch in the three interesting clips below. Based on an expert’s opinion, he says hackers might be able to hack the cloud and then backload it into the servers. One cybersecurity expert says it is happening.

The state and county databases are connected to the Internet, despite what you’ve been told. He also says these databases are stored in servers in Germany and infected by malware, Q-Snatch.


Five states with Democrat governors stopped counting at about the same time. He says the Biden votes jumped after that, adding that Democrats are blocking transparency.

Example of how they change various components.

My friend Doug Ross at Director Blue also pointed to an oddity noted below. Tell us what you think.

NY Times’ Real-Time Election Data Seems to Confirm Massive Georgia Vote Fraud

For the startling, and eerily similar, analysis of apparent Pennsylvania vote manipulation, please see this post.

I’ve retrieved all of The New York Times‘ 2020 presidential datasets, which have a time-series of voting data from a company called Edison Research. Here, for instance, is Georgia‘s.

What I found is pretty fascinating, especially because it mimics exactly what happened in Pennsylvania.

As just one example, here is a graph depicting the shifts in votes starting on election day. The X-axis is the date/time and the Y-axis represents the change in votes (positive values denote shifts for Trump, negative values represent shifts for Biden, in hundreds).

May I call your attention to the differences between the left and the right sides of the graph?

Please note that after about 0100 hours on 11/4/20 Zulu, virtually all vote swings went for Biden.

But you need to see the data. See the spreadsheet here.

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