Woke men in dresses hit the fashion world


Harry Styles, the former boy band singer, is making news in the fashion world. The first man to grace the cover of Vogue — wearing a dress and heels.

Mr. Styles says society should dismiss the idea that there are clothes for men and clothes for women. He went on to say that wearing ladies’ garments is “amazing.”

Vogue prides itself on being the industry leader when it comes to fashion and style. They hope this catches on with the manly men.

It’s a direct assault on the culture. There is no such thing as gender fluidity. Please do not fall for it. The Left wants you to believe there’s no such thing as male or female. They want you to believe that you actually exist on some sliding scale of gender-ness.

Democrats are the flat-earthers who don’t believe in science.

Bring back the real men to Vogue. These lunatics are attacking men, and that is all this is.

Candace Owens said the same thing, and then she doubled down!

Remember pervert Epstein’s painting (just sayin’):

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