The Deal with Hamas for 50 Israeli Hostages


Israel has made a deal with Hamas for 50 Israeli hostages. Hamas will release about 50 Israeli children and women while Israel releases 150 Palestinian women and teenagers jailed by Israel.

They will also agree to a pause in the war for several days.

There is a second phase in the works through which Hamas could release dozens of Israeli hostages in exchange for extending the cease-fire by several more days.

There are reportedly about 240 hostages. No one knows if they’re all alive. No proof of life has been given.

Hamas is begging for the ceasefire, but Israel isn’t getting the deal they wanted where every hostage would have to be released first.

In any situation like this, it encourages more kidnappings in the future. It’s also true that it will disrupt the war to favor Hamas. However, Israelis want their hostages back.

Israel is facing tremendous domestic and foreign pressures. It’s hard to imagine what they are going through.

What do you think of the deal?

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3 months ago

Betrayal – “The deal is a disaster”

3 months ago

Hamas is expert in psychological warfare. They kept dangling negotiations that were “close” time and time again. What they did was create hysteria among the hostage families, which became more devastated and heartbroken by the day. They made the mistake of marching for days to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv demanding action by the government. This played right into Hamas’ hands. The families got what they wanted, but not what they want. No release of all the hostages for anything.

Hamas has played this well. With an agreement to release 10 or 12 a day it will cause the remaining families to endure torture when it isn’t their family. At the end of this deal the stakes will be even higher next time because the families of those left behind will demand another release no matter the cost. It will end up being a piecemeal affair for a month or more. That is when Biden will emerge to do what he’s been itching to do, demand the end of hostilities. Hamas knows full well the West will not tolerate a long war.

The timing of this is a disaster. Hamas was desperate for any kind of ceasefire since many of their commanders are being eliminated day after day. If it weren’t for that march their time would have been short. Their tunnel accesses were being found and eliminated. This ceasefire will allow Hamas to regroup and make better use of the still existing tunnels. This is partly why the release is in small numbers. Any intelligence from those few will be useless and outdated within the day. In the end, Hamas will still be standing.

It gets really Really REALLY OLD having to verify dozens and dozens of times.

Last edited 3 months ago by Greg