The DOJ is About to Silence the Free Speech of Moms Across America


You may remember it was the late Will Rogers who was fond of saying, “All I know is what I read in the papers.” If Will Rogers read today’s Fox News App story: “DOJ Launching Effort to Combat Threats of Violence Against School Boards,” old Will would have learned nothing of the dangerous intimidation the Biden Administration is about to launch against mothers and concerned citizens across American. The article was written by Michael Lee who is billed as “a writer at Fox News.”

The article addresses Attorney General Merrick Garland launching a Department of Justice effort “to combat what it said is an ‘increase’ in ‘threats of violence’ against school officials and teachers across the country” who are dedicated to ensuring our children a “proper education in a safe environment.” Lee quotes Garland as saying these “threats run counter to our nation’s core values.” Specific threats are never mentioned. In the Biden Administration’s lawless intrigues we find every indication of a fishing expedition.

For the few readers who may actually get down to the last paragraphs, Lee casually mentions the essence of Garland’s insidious usurpation of our American freedoms.

Hidden in these last paragraphs we find out that Garland’s FBI will be meeting with law enforcement “leaders” at every level of government, and that the DOJ will be “launching a task force” to determine strategies on how to use federal powers to prosecute crimes – even when the crimes are not actually federal crimes. Lee cites a reported “increase in violent threats in response to COVID-19 restrictions and critical race theory curriculum.” Lee’s words seem less alarming when he does not capitalize Critical Race Theory, as you may usually recognize it in print.

Then, of course, the DOJ will also educate local school board members on how to recognize “behaviors that constitute a threat.” and how to “preserve evidence to assist in the prosecution of crimes.”

Either Michael Lee is not a real journalist in the traditional sense, or his focus is misplaced, or worse, his focus reveals his disdain for our Constitutional freedoms. One can only guess at what research Lee has done or whether he understands the fundamental principles involved. He does not explain to anyone not familiar with the First Amendment that We the People have a right to petition our government for redress of wrongs. Is he familiar with the 1964 Supreme Court ruling, New York Times vs Sullivan which upheld a person’s right to use strong lawful language – even “offensive” language — to call out public officials by name? And who was the editor who published Michael Lee’s tripe?

Lee gives but a glancing mention to bullying parents and our First Amendment rights. He blithely dodges the real and imminent dangers of the Biden Administration Marxists who are systematically dismantling America. I imagine Michael Lee finds comfort in Will Roger’s words: “All I know is what I read in the papers.”

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Citizen Jake
Citizen Jake
2 years ago

This story is not going away. It dominated conservative talk radio all day and no doubt will continue into tonight and days ahead. We have not heard the last of it, just as we have not heard the last of the Biden / Marxists tyranny that has been loosed on America and our traditional values. It is a tyranny that will destroy us all if individually, and all together, we do not take a stand against it, and if we fail to defend God and America for ourselves and our families.

Dee Dee
2 years ago

How long will it be before law enforcement comes into school board meetings wearing brown shirts? It’s Nazi Germany and 1984 all over again.

2 years ago

The Academicians know Mama Bear is coming after them and are doing all they can to escalate the situation to violence to force the Federal Government to protect them from the Public. Academicians are already seeing School Board Members being challenged in elections and petitions to removed the ones who are appointed. Hundreds of Thousands of Parents are pulling their kids out of public schools; which directly impacts the school district’s finances. The Dooms Day Bomb is Vouchers, which will do away with Public Schools and Teachers Unions. The Colleges are shaking in their boots over the Federal Government doing away with Government backed loans which would destroy the College Cash Cow of worthless Liberal Arts Degrees. The Free Stuff Party for the Academicians, financed by taxpayers, is on the line and the Academicians are now getting the Deep State to fight their battle. Liberal Academicians are such spineless weasels. The Deep State is more than willing to fight this battle for them because Academia is the training ground for American Patriot hating recruits. Liberal Academicians totally embrace Communism and schooling at home opened American’s eyes to crap our kids are being taught in school by the Communist. The Communist School Teachers are scared to death of The People putting them out on the street and being required to display the Scarlet Letter, a “C”.

loves me some questions
loves me some questions
2 years ago

Peace and safety über alles!
The peace and safety will be mandatory.
Is it safe? Jawohl! Vee vill keep you safe.
Is it safe for the children to wear grubby masks all day indoors as part of the COV-LARP?
The anointed royalty class now expands to teachers and staff?
Will comrade kommissar Lee (Deep State) abuse his royalty status? (rhetorical)