The Greatest Academic Scandal of Our Times Begins at Harvard


Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus, “false in one thing, false in everything.”

“As long as she remains Harvard’s president, Claudine Gay will walk into every meeting knowing that everyone else knows she is a serial plagiarist, middling scholar, and DEI totem who dealt billions of dollars in damage to the institution but was too selfish to resign,” Christopher Rufo said after he helped expose Dr. Gay’s plagiarism.

The problem is: how can she resign when Harvard clearly promotes her agenda? She’s simply doing what they want. The same goes for Sally Kornbluth at MIT and Liz Magill, former president of UPenn. They support woke racism and have a double standard when it comes to Jews. We know they have the same attitude toward Whites, Asians, Christians, and conservatives. None of those groups fit the socialist agenda of making everyone equal despite unequal talent, intelligence, commitment, and merit.

They knew about her plagiarism of Dr. Swain’s work and didn’t care. They promoted her anyway. Dr. Gay is a woke female progressive who might even check off another box or two, so, of course, they can’t lose her.


In fact, she plagiarized half of her teeny body of scholarly work, and she is still at Harvard.

Professor Voss confirmed that she had plagiarized his work, too.

Two other professors confirmed that she plagiarized their work as well. Dr. Gay is the poster child for DEI.

She produced eleven articles and no books. Of her eleven articles, five are plagiarized. It’s a grotesque academic scandal. If only Theodore Roosevelt could come back to say a few words.


This is Harvard’s shield and motto, Veritas, Latin for Truth.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA – June 24, 2022: Close-up of the Harvard University motto on a sculpted stone atop a building entrance. The motto is the Latin word “Veritas” which means “Truth”, placed on three books.

This must be their new motto and shield:


Chris Rufo wrote on X: As dean, Claudine Gay expelled students for plagiarism while hiding the fact that she herself had plagiarized at least five academic papers. This is untenable. Everyone on campus knows it.

It is, but again, Harvard supports the double standard to push their Marxist narrative.

Harvard knew about her plagiarism but said it didn’t matter.


It matters to the scholar whose ideas she copied and portrayed as her own.

Dr. Swain was set to appear on NBC News and debate a student reporter on the Harvard Crimson. The student backed out, and the segment was canceled.

Dr. Swain appeared on News Nation and was supposed to debate the issue, but they framed it around Rep. Stefanik’s resolution calling for Dr. Gay’s resignation.

As Dr. Swain said, “No one wants to defend the indefensible.”

Harvard’s Board Is comprised of very smart people. They know Dr. Gay plagiarized, and they know she should be gone. But again, she said what they wanted her to say. All three presidents had the same law firm who advised them on what to say. Does anyone think that the board wasn’t involved in that?

When it comes to the progressive agenda, nothing matters but the progressive agenda. Even if they’re Jewish progressives, it doesn’t matter. The agenda comes first. They feel they’re right and will continue even if it drives Harvard into the ground, and it will. A lot of smart people will find other universities to go to, though from what we hear, most universities are doing the same thing.

It’s good that they pulled this on Jewish people. They have clout. But what about white people, conservatives, and Christians? Who will speak for us as they falsely portray us as terrorists?

If you want your child to be dishonest, follow a double standard, support racism if it fits the agenda, cancel free speech, and hate America, then Harvard is the place for your child. If not, you can go to MIT or the University of Pennsylvania for the same moral structure.

Did I mention that the average grade at Yale is ‘A’? You can’t lose sending your child there. They might not be ‘As,’ but you can all pretend they are if you pay up.

Harvard needs to fire her and swear off DEI. Go back to Veritas.

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