The Hill Picks 10 Presidential Candidates, Five of Whom Are Terrifying


Niall Stanage, Associate Editor of The Hill, picked out ten presidential candidates in 2024, five Republicans and five Democrats. The Democrats he chose are terrifying.

At least he didn’t pick Mike Pence or Nikki Haley. Donald Trump and Ron De Santis made his list for the GOP.

He selected three others: Kristi Noem, Gov. Abbott, and Rick Scott. They are probably non-starters as presidential candidates. He sees Abbott as similar to De Santis in that he allegedly “thrills” conservatives.

Stanage also selected Democrats. Leading the pack in his mind is Joe Biden. If Democrats do well in the mid-terms, he believes dementia Joe can make the case.

Kamala Harris came in second. He sees her as viable if dementia Joe doesn’t run. Taking her and Joe seriously is quite a stretch for honest people.

While he mentioned her underperformance as a candidate and her little progress (no progress) on migration and voting rights, he failed to note her inability to give a speech without embarrassing the USA.

Another Stanage pick is Gov. Newsom, who is ruining his state. Stanage thinks he will benefit if his party loses in November.

Another tyrant, Gretchen Whitmer, made the list. Her claim to fame is running aggressively on abortion. She would happily abolish ICE.

The absolutely god-awful J.B. Pritzker is one of his choices. Pritzker is insane. He bought his seat and pushed a law to go into effect in Jan. that will let criminals run amok. The Safe-T Act is the opposite of what its name implies. He also strongly supports CRT, 1619, and gender transitioning without parental permission. Then again, all of the Democrats support these radical ideological issues.

All of the Democrats mentioned are tyrannical and have periodically adopted fascist policies. We’d better hope none of these people win.

Democrats have an advantage in every pillar of society. The GOP only has the working man. It’s all coming to an end if we don’t win in November and in 2024.

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